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Vol. 4 issue #306 March 31, 2010                    


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Seven Secrets of A Successful Business  

By Joshua Nyamache

There are some ways adopted by entrepreneurs who have really made it big in businesses.

Clarity: The first thing before starting your business is to have a clear mind regarding all aspects that are required. Have clear vision of your enterprise mission and how exactly you want it to be like. Ask yourself...what is it I want to accomplish for my customers? If you have got clarity then you are certain of succeeding.

Persistence/consistent action: The successful business owners never gave up. They are always trying new things. Because of continuously working in the same way by not giving up they have made a difference between failing and succeeding. They are always learning more things, trying more new things and persist longer.


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Constraints: Identify the limiting factors in your enterprise and deal with them. If you identify all the limiting factors in your business and solve them, then you will have accelerated the speed of attaining your business targets.

Courage: All your enterprise activities depend upon your courage. It takes courage to take enterprise uncertainties in order to make profits. It's the courage to take the first step that makes the difference. It's all about starting a new business without any guarantee if it will succeed. You need first of all the courage to begin working on your business idea even though you know that you will experience many problems, difficulties and temporarily failures.



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Creativity: You should be a person who is able to find faster, better, cheaper and easier ways of going about your enterprise. This is essential because the success of any business involves innovations. Innovations are brought about by solving your enterprise problems. You should always focus on the solution and not problems. By focusing on finding solutions related to low profits and poor sales you will be able to come up with easier new techniques on how to solve them which are nothing but innovations.

Competence: You must be able to deliver quality and acceptable business services. This is achieved by dedicating your energy. Make excellent performance of enterprise activities to be your primary objective. The right qualified employees in your business will ensure that your business is competent.


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If your business is competent then it will have a good reputation [defined as how is your enterprise known by customers] among consumers. Reputation resolves around the quality of the products and services you are offering and the quality of the people whom you have employed to deliver those services and goods who also interact with your customers.

Concentration: Be single-minded about your business idea by sticking at it until it is successful. Stay focused by working on your various tasks of the business. Have a schedule that is well planned regarding the various tasks. This will make you to do things in an organized manner.



The author of this article J. Nyamache is passionate in creating a global social community that is safe for fun and in discussing interesting matters that touches our lives in his forum. Click here to discuss and get to know about most popular posts.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Joshua_Nyamache

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