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Vol. 4 issue #308 April 28, 2010                    


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Survival Tips For Affiliate Marketing  

By JB Young

The lack of jobs as a result of failing economies all over the world have led to an increased amount of people looking at the possibility of working for themselves. But the reality of starting your own business is what stops most people from going further than just dreaming about it. The 2 main reasons the majority of business fail to even get off the ground are lack of money and the risk factor. But there is one business that is unaffected by these two factors, affiliate marketing.

Usually, starting even the smallest of businesses takes a good deal of money. You would need to rent or buy a space to do business in, get office equipment and hire and pay your staff. Once the business is set up, you will also have operating expenses such as advertising and other outside expenses. Again, none of these expenses are present when you start a business in affiliate marketing.

The risk factor most business face is whether you are able to survive long term with the starting capital you are able to get. Statistics show that almost 90% of all small business fail in the first year. Even if you are one of the lucky ones to survive the first year, you will need to keep reinvesting your time and money back into the business so you can continue to build up your company's reputation. Some businesses take up to seven years to show a significant profit, way more time than most people can survive. This is yet another reason affiliate marketing is such an attractive business to start in.


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So now we know that affiliate marketing does not require start up capital nor is there any risk involved. But what else does this business require and how difficult is it to run?

Affiliate marketing is a simple business that involves you, the affiliate, who works for a vendor or company to sell their products or services. Although you have no direct connection with the vendor or company, you earn commissions for the products and services you are able to sell. The best part is that you get the full benefit of the rewards for the efforts you put in and there are no start-up costs or risk.

Running your affiliate marketing business can be challenging. There are a variety of skills you will need to develop and you will have to work very hard to get your business to a highly competitive level. Your success will come down to the amount of effort you want to put in. There are no sure fire ways to be successful but there are some things that will help you survive the beginning stages of running your affiliate marketing business and will help you be as successful as you can possibly be.


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The first thing you will need to do when getting started is to join an affiliate program. Since there are literally thousands of programs to choose from, you may be tempted to go with one based on the amount of money you can earn. This may not be a wise choice though since most of the high paying affiliate marketing programs are the most competitive. This will require you to compete against more experienced marketers, not a wise choice until you gain experience. Probably the best choice would be in a market you are familiar with. You may not earn as much but your knowledge in the field will allow you to market as an expert and giving you confidence and sincerity in your marketing.

Your familiarity with your market will also help you when you create your website. Knowing what terms to use and how you would like to see the website set up are both important aspects of setting yourself up for success. On the other hand, trying to create a website around something you know very little about will only result in a boring website nobody will spend much time at. Another great reason to work with familiar topics in the beginning would be to gain valuable experience that you can use later in more unfamiliar markets.

When creating your website, watch the number of banners you put up on each page. You can usually tell someone who has just begun in the business when you see a large number of banners scattered randomly all over the page. Use of banners is great when you use them properly to accent your site. Filling the page with nothing but banners makes you look like an amateur and will put off potential buyers.


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As I stated earlier, there is no sure fire way to be successful in affiliate marketing and there is no such thing as the perfect affiliate program. You will find some that have very good qualities while others will not be appealing at all. You will need to examine each one before you join and determine whether you could sell it with your current set of skills. Remember, it all comes down to the effort you put into the promotion so don't be put off by a few bad experiences. Learn from your mistakes and continue to work to be better with every try.

There is no doubt, affiliate marketing is a great way to make money at a time many people are losing their jobs. The start up cost is little to nothing and there is minimal risk. Affiliate marketing programs a plentiful and even though choosing the right ones may be a difficult process, you know that even if you make the wrong choice, you can always start over. With no boss to look over your shoulder, the only one pushing you to get tasks done is you and your necessity for income. Hopefully the tips provided in this article will help you begin your affiliate marketing program with a solid foundation and help you survive troublesome early times. Remember to keep at it and never give up. Some people will find their way through the process fast than others but if you stick with it you will find your success soon enough.




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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=JB_Young

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