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Vol. 4 issue #314 July 21, 2010                    


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4 Steps to the Secret Path of Positive Schmoozing  

By G Harold

People buy from and deal with those they know, like, and trust. It is far easier to build partnerships, create joint ventures, and do business with people with in your know, like, and trust group then it is with people you have yet to establish a relationship with. The key to generating a know, like, and trust following is to create a relationship with these people before you need it. The secret to doing this is to establish the internal mantra "ask not what the other person can do for you, ask what you can do for the other person," and follow these few steps;

Positive schmoozing is not a passive activity it is pro-active, very pro-active. It requires flesh to flesh contact. It can not be effectively cultivated through email and telephone only contact. You have to leave your office and get out there where the people are. Attend conventions, trade shows, industry conferences, and seminars and schmooze.


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Conversation is the essential tool of all schmoozer's. Learn the art of being a great conversationalist. Be well read so you are able to converse on a broad spectrum of topics, not only business related matters. Openly discuss your passions and be revealing about you and your interest. Most importantly, learn how to ask good questions. Open ended questions which command a response so others will talk and share with you. Once you have asked a great question, shut up and let the other person talk. Drawing people into an engaging conversation about their interest and themselves will cause others to view you as an interesting person.

Follow up with those you have met and make it easy for them to contact you. A larger then usual size printed email address and telephone number imprint on your business card is one way to accomplish that. When you follow up with your new contact, be sure to make your message stands out.


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Include something within it which confirms your interest in maintaining contact. If you listened well during your initial schmoozing conversation you will know what some of their interest are. Include new information you've discovered about their interest with your message and make it a point to forward other helpful informative resources to them in the future as you come across them. This method of follow up is unobtrusive and is often deemed a courtesy. Most of all it establishes a deep know, like, and trust relationship.

Grant favors and ask for favors in return. I realize asking for a favor in return is counter to the aforementioned schmoozer's mantra. When you grant a favor a debt of sorts is created and this can place undue pressure on the new relationship. Asking for a favor in return is a sort of debt relief and opens the possibility for a whole new round of favor give and take. Granting favors gives you the opportunity to be of service to another. Additionally it enables you to increase your universal Karmic score and receive the appreciation of those you assisted.


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Positive schmoozing will open a number of opportunities to you and create lasting business relationship, some of which will develop into lasting friendships. If you do not schmooze you lose. Follow these 4 steps and traverse the secret path to positive schmoozing and you will be setting yourself up for greater success.



G Harold, author of Unclaimed Money Finders has published numerous other opinions you may or may not find interesting at According to GHarold

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=G_Harold

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