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Vol. 1 issue #32 Oct 21, 2002


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The Faster You Move ...
2002 By Ed Hirsch

Like a photograph reflects or represents the image photographed ... The way we live our lives and who we are continually becoming over time reflects and represents the true beliefs we carry in our heart.

External appearance is nothing more than a mere Window dressing to what is really going on.

In Business, especially when searching high and low for quality Business Partners ... we should definitely put requirements on other people before qualifying them as actual partners.  We want to get into Relationship with them to ensure we agree that we have mutual understandings
... and if we don't, they may Know someone who they may refer to us who DO meet our Partnership standard.

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My point is that we should pursue Relationship first ... and by making this the priority, we will naturally Network and find whatever it is we are searching for in life and business.

The simple concept of Caring about people will take you a long way in business.

Many times in business, we do not put people first, and I have learned that whenever this is perceived by others, almost immediately, relationship is lost.  Also, when communication is lost or slows down, this is the first symptom of losing relationship.

Sharing from the Heart is a great way for unconditional relationships ... being honest, but, not too honest where you don't consider the other person's feelings.  Nobody likes to be made to feel like they are wrong, so we should only encourage when they are right ... and when they are wrong, be specific to the THING they DID that was wrong, not that THEY were wrong.  In this way, hopefully, relationship will be improved because you are demonstrating that you care enough about them to have made them aware of doing something
better that behooves THEM.

I think its best to Pursue relationships that enable you to cultivate your own true beliefs and aspirations.  It certainly makes for a great positive role model example for others to follow in.
Make friends and try to be in relationship with everyone you know ... however, watch your time and ensure that your time is used wisely, aligned with your life purpose.

Thomas Edison wrote, "Good things come to those who wait, but only what's left over from those who hustle."

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Are you going to wait to get into high quality relationships in your life, ... Or are you Ready to Go For It and become the person you truly want to be, having others in your life who feel the same way?

When you think, decide, and take action on one single idea, you are a much better person than someone who learns hundreds of ideas but who does nothing.

The faster you move;

the more experiences you have and the more lessons you learn,

the smarter and more capable you become,

the more ground you cover,

the more people you meet,

the more opportunities you discover,

the more doors open for you,

the more energy you have,

the more enthusiastic and confident you become,

the more creative and competent you become in any area,

the more you get done,

the more capable you become of doing even more.

Develop the deep-down habit of action orientation.

The more you *try,* the more you will *tri-umph.*
Ed Hirsch
ICQ# 55939361 650-872-1024
So. San Francisco, California

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