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7 Top Tips To Get Great Referrals  

By Angus MacLennan

Getting referrals from clients and contacts is an important part of growing your business. Word of mouth marketing is even more important in this age of social media marketing and networking. Having a referral from a client or fan will get you past gate keepers and talking to the right person. It will have you part way down you sales process with minimal effort and improve your conversions.

I have put together 7 Top Tips to getting the most from client referrals:

1. Create a list of top referral sources: Put together a list of top 20 referral sources from your clients and fans. Take some time to create a list of people you can ask for referrals. Make sure they are believers in your product or service. Don't worry if you think they may not give a referral - they could surprise you, especially if they like your product or service.

2. Ask them for referrals: Contact them all and ask for referrals and testimonials. Call everyone on your list personally and ask them for a referral. You should be looking for at least one name from each of them that you can contact directly. When you ask for the referral make sure to also ask for a testimonial and get it onto your web site and into your marketing material.

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3. Follow up on your request: Follow up and make sure you get the referrals. If your client is busy then make sure you follow up. Most clients are happy to give referrals but sometimes need the extra reminder to get it done. Be friendly and push gently - but do push a little.

4. Contact the referrals: Call the referrals as soon as possible. It is critical that you make the call as soon as possible and that you start building the new relationship. Remember when you make the initial contact that you are not trying to sell but rather to create a new connection. When you speak to the referral make sure to point them to your testimonials - especially the one you got from the person who referred them.


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5. Build relationships: Create a relationship and get them onto your sales ramp. Make sure you connect with everyone on your list and start to build a relationship with them - online and offline. Focus on building a relationship, adding value for them and getting them plugged into your process and onto your ramp. This is where your Sales Process and Sales Ramp are critical.

6. Have a Sales Process: Have a clear Sales Process to take your new contacts through. A successful business relies on a successful Sales Process - get clear on the steps you will take you new contact through from initial call to initial purchase and beyond.


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7. Have Sales Ramp: A Sales Process needs a Sales Ramp. You need a ramp to take your new contact up - from initial contact to intermediate product to premium product. Without a Sales Ramp you may get a high drop out rate so have multiple price points for your new contacts so they become new clients.

Referrals are the best way to make new contacts and get new clients. Having a personal referral from a client or fan could be the difference that makes the difference. Take action, get referrals working for you and turn the new contacts into new clients and fans. Remember it is a process so get going and start building those relationships.


My name is Angus MacLennan and I am a Business and Personal Coach specialising in working with Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. My mission and passion is to deliver amazing value to my clients and help them develop their businesses allowing them to have the work/life balance they really want.

Find out more about what I do:

Check out my Blog: http://www.coachingentrepreneurs.co.uk
Email: info(at)ilcoaching.co.uk
Ph: 0798 224 1479

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Angus_MacLennan

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