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Vol. 4 issue #330 March 16, 2011                    


“Investing in the Community We Serve”

Over the course of time that our company has been in business, we’ve developed a team of professionals that we work closely with. This includes real estate attorneys, title companies, realtors, other real estate investors, contractors, mortgage specialists and private financial partners.

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Ten Mistakes That Can Affect Your Business Success  

By Linda Hancock

So often people talk about the things that you need to do in order to achieve business success but very few ever mention the things and choices that a person allows to interfere with their progress and business. This article will focus on issues that business owners tend to ignore or continue doing without realizing that their success will be limited or destroyed over time.

1. Financial problems - If you have not set up your business with the proper procedures and backing, you will soon find that you are out of business. You need to have a Business Plan and the financial support that will allow your business time to grow in the start-up phase.

2. Relational - Many people surround themselves with people who drain their time and energy. If you have a business partner who is not working on the same goals as you are, it won't be long until the business will suffer.

3. Personal - Dishonesty, old negative patterns, untreated mental or physical ailments, family demands or hidden "secrets" can all interfere with your business success.


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4. Addictions - When people have an addiction, it take priority over everything. In fact, alcohol or drugs can become a "first love" that steals reasoning and resources not only at a personal level but also from a business endeavor.

5. Incompetence/Inexperience - When you do not know what you are doing, mistakes can occur frequently. Your time and reputation will likely suffer as you try to clean up the mess!

6. Poor self-care - People who are tired, under nourished or ill are not able to reach their potential. As a result, everyone, including that person, the rest of the staff and the client suffer.



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7. Lack of Focus - Many businesses fail because time and energy are invested in the wrong things. You need to know where to invest your attention so that you have good revenue and an acceptable bottom line.

8. Poor Service - Clients come to you in order to have their needs met. If this doesn't happen, they will not only look elsewhere for services but also spread the word that your business is not very helpful.

9. Inflexibility - You need to be able to adjust your ideas in order to improve the business. Stubbornness without consideration of options will kill a business in a world that welcomes change and new ways of doing things.



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10. Other Psychological Factors - World trends and economic times can have a strong impact on how a business will do. If you are not motivated or able to handle stress, you will likely soon find that running a business can be an overwhelming adventure.

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Dr. Linda Hancock is a communicator! She serves as a consultant for media and writes columns for newspapers in two provinces. Dr. Linda is the author of "Life is an Adventure...every step of the way" and her newest book "Open for Business Success".

She has earned degrees in Arts, Social Work, Education and Psychology to the Doctoral level and states that she had to spend her time and money somewhere because she doesn't golf!

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