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Vol. 4 issue #339 August 10, 2011                    


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3 Hot Tips To Attract Highly Targeted Prospects

By Francine Bishop


How do you appeal to potential clients to purchase from your small business?

It's entirely possible that you have the most effective product or service in your niche. But if nobody has seen your product or great sales letter then you definitely won't make a dollar.

For that purpose small business owners spend most of their time, money and effort trying to get their product or service in front of as many, focused, hungry, receptive prospects as possible. This seems hard to do but not if you use the right methods.

Here are three effective, proven strategies for attracting new customers:

1: Social Media Marketing

Business people know that social media marketing has been with us for a while now however the truth is business is just starting to understand how to use it effectively. You possibly can build relationships, your company reputation, develop networks and contacts through social media sites. The more you can set yourself up as knowledgable in your niche and build your social media community the more you will benefit.

So where do you have to start? Here's a few of the most popular right now.


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- Web 2.0 content material sites like Hubpages.com and Squidoo.com.
- Social Networking Sites. Sites like Myspace.com and Facebook.com will let you discover or even create niche-particular teams of people. These are nice websites for building up a community of like-minded people who share the same tastes.
- Social Bookmarking Sites. Websites akin to stumbleupon.com, sphinn.com and digg.com. These sites are usually a useful tool when building your viral advertising campaigns.

2: Marketing By Search Engines

This must be a daily part of your advertising efforts as all of the content material that you present needs to be optimized for the major search engines rank as high as possible.

So how do you get site visitors from the search engines? Well, there are two ways.


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1. From using specific key phrases and key phrase phrases inside your content, ranking well and showing within the search engine results when someone types in that keyword or phrase.
2. Or you need to use Pay Per Click advertising in order be featured in the major search engines sponsored results. The biggest and best is Google AdWords. Both of those strategies are useful additions to your advertising toolbox. Can you imagine receiving pure, organic traffic straight from the major search engines for months and even years to return, all free of charge? And PPC advertising permits you to goal those people looking for a selected thing, instantly.

3: Buying Promoted Banners and Ezines

Another solution to get your services or products in front of those hungry purchasers is by placing adverts in a targeted way. This can be executed both online and offline.

Online options:
- Specific niche targeted ezines and newsletters. Search for your area of interest plus "ezines" on Google will get you started.
- Buy advertising space on blogs aimed toward your niche.
- Buy banner advertisements on targeted area of interest sites.



Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..

Offline publications:
- Discover a common publication within your niche, place an advert telling folks where to see your offer.

Which Marketing Method Is Right For You? These are methods which were tried, tested and successful for a few years and they are not about to stop now. Do not concentrate on one methodology however as a substitute think about utilizing all of them as part of a complete advertising and marketing strategy.


Written by Francine Bishop. Francine is the founder of Social Media Mayvin, providing coaching to small business owners to get past the overwhelm and make more money, do less work and have fun along the way. Visit www.SocialMediaMayvin.com for your free audio CD giving you the 7 step system to small business success, including how you can systemize, socialize and monetize more than ever before.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Francine_Bishop
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