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Vol. 4 issue #343 October 30, 2011                    


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The Age of Marketing
By Jamie P. Johnson


In this age not many businesses can survive without marketing, some businesses are even purely dependent on it, and in a way that's what it all has become, to maintain a brand image that is so solid and so good that it becomes a part of the consumer.

People are so encouraged when they see a really cool advertisement that without looking for any alternatives they just rush over and try that product or service, and the whole experience is provided to them in such a way that they do not give much thought to the core usage of the product or service; while this may not be true for all businesses I'm sure you might have come across one of two examples in your life. You may say that that is the main objective of an advertisement to lure in customers, but what about the thin line between honesty and lying?

A lot of marketing crosses that line. I'm not talking about outright lies, but the fact that most advertisements are made in a way that they offer you a lot more than what you actually get. You can say they actually create a false reality, making you believe in something that is not there.



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Now, just to be very clear I'm not saying marketing is devil's work or that it's all about lies and persuasion, I'm just saying that all this happens and has become a part of our life. A lot of bank advertisements in particular are made attractive by offering 0% interest on loans or a very high interest rate if you open up an account with them, however in reality all that is subject to the famous line of 'terms and conditions'.

TV commercials have seen a major up lift, and you get to see amazing commercials which you want to see rather than skipping them because they are funny, or entertaining, or you might just fancy the model in it, The thing is temptation, persuasion, and appeal have changed the way products and services are sold. It's all about creating a brand image that would appeal to the target market and that's exactly what's being done.



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Marketing has also become a need, due to the existence of so many different brands that you need to differentiate your products or services from others in their category. Without marketing you cannot expect much of a response, and the thing is if you really hit it off with an advertisement or marketing activity, word of mouth helps you so much in making a product or service popular. Marketing really can make a huge impact on sales, and it's the one thing that can change the whole outlook of a particular brand.



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The only thing that needs to be done is that businesses should have a more ethical approach when it comes to advertisements, misleading the consumer into making them believe some Thing that is not true. I think companies would be respected more if they followed some ethical regulations while marketing. The customers in addition should also be aware that marketing can be misleading and not jump to conclusions. You will even be amazed by the number of jobs that have been created all over the world due to marketing.


James Johnson is an expert online author and internet marketing specialist form the UK.

We provide SEO in Worcestershire, and Marketing in Worcestershire. Please contact me through Facebook for more information.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jamie_P._Johnson   

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