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Vol. 4 issue #372 Apr 21, 2013                    



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AdlandPro Website Success Course – 3 – Domain names and hosting!

Today we will show you why a domain name is so  important and what you need to look for in a  website hosting service.


If you are establishing a website for your business, we cannot stress strongly enough how important your own domain name is.

If you are on the web to stay, it is essential to have your own domain name for a number of reasons.

1) How many websites do you look at that have a URL (web address) like this:

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AdlandPro Website Success Course – 4 – Website Design!


A) What design software is available.
B) The 3 most important rules for website design.
C) Other design considerations.

If the design talk is above you at the moment, don’t worry, you will soon catch on – and if your  main aim is to get a SITE THAT SELLS up and running fast, then put up a simple site first and  develop it later.

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