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Vol. 4 issue #376 Jun 30, 2013                    



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An Introduction to Adlandpro Gold

Adlandpro Gold is designed to help the new marketer as well as the internet veteran get more exposure for all their offers, while saving them time, energy and money.

The idea of building the better mouse trap and they will beat a path to your door, sounds good but is far from realistic.

The competition on the internet is intensive and increasing everyday. As a member of Adlandpro Gold you’ll have the tools necessary to stay a step ahead of your competition.

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Adlandpro Affiliate Program Introduction – Lesson 2 – Claim 500 free advertising credits

 STEP 1 – become a free member

If this is your first visit to Adlandpro, you will be given option to create an account. This is free account. You can either use option to Register Now For Free or click on Facebook login. Facebook login will create an account automatically after you approve access to your basic information at Facebook. This is the fastest and easiest way to start your membership with Adlandpro.

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Adlandpro Affiliate Program – Lesson 3


In lesson 2 you learned how to create a free account, place an ad and join the traffic exchange program. If you completed this, you will have earned 500 displays of your ad at the AdlandPro Traffic Exchange Network.

Now the next step will be to upgrade yourself to an affiliate.
This is very easy process and will just take 2 minutes of your time.
You will need to fill out a few extra fileds and your account status will be changed to an affiliate.

Follow these steps.

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