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Vol. 1 issue #38 Dec 6, 2002


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Beware of the Biz Op Gypsy
2002 By Sandra Stammberger

Traditional gypsies have traveled around the world for years running scams, taking people's money, and heading out of town faster than you can blink your eye.  They normally offer "too good to be true" products, services, or investments that make you drool and have you dreaming of riches.  The problem is. only part of what they say is true.

In the Information Age, you have to beware of the biz op gypsy.
Along the same lines as the gypsy of old, biz op gypsies look to have you buy into their so-called "opportunity" so you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars with very little work.

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Anybody who knows anything about Internet business will confirm in a heartbeat that life online is not effortless!  While there are some quality business opportunities available, don't let visions of sunbathing by the pool while - at the same time -
raking in thousands of dollars a day cloud your judgment.

When making your decision about which business opportunity to seriously consider, take the following points into consideration.

1) Sounds Too Good To Be True 

- One of your first clues will be the tales of how easy it is to get rich.  "No work on your part,"
"The company does everything for you," and "Immediate rewards" are lines gypsies like to use.  I'll tell you now, regardless of how good the biz op is, you will still have to work to be a success.  Be very wary of sales pitches that include the
statements above.

2) Ask the Person: "What Have Been Your Experiences With This Company?" 

- Granted, good gypsies will tell you of all the wonders they've performed with the help of this company, and how
easy their lives are now.  That's great!  But don't settle for lip service.  Ask for proof.  Commission check stubs bearing their names, receipts, or other hard documentation will help to back up their claims.

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3) Contact the Company Directly 

- The "home" company will be very aware of its "top sellers."  If for some reason they are not, with the salesperson's company ID number, you should be able to confirm everything the supposed gypsy is saying.  Better yet. arrange a 3-way call with the company, the gypsy, and yourself.

4) Limited Time Offer 

- This is one of the most effective tactics biz op gypsies use.  You'll normally be pitched a line that has something to do with the home company closing registrations soon because the company has been so successful.  You'll be told this is your last chance to get into the group.  Nonsense!  Legitimate MLM or biz op companies know how valuable their representatives are.  They are fully aware that their reps are the ones that make the money for them.  No legit companies would close registrations of new members - unless they were going out of business themselves.

5) Use Your Common Sense 

- Think about what you are being told.
Consider the "flow" of a business.  For example, the company might state that they provide "everything you need" to be successful.  This could include brochures, a Web site, letters,
sales forms, products, etc.  Before you get too excited, stop and think about what's missing.  Who will you give the brochures to?
How will you get traffic to your Web site?  Who will buy the products?  The customers!  The home company needs associates to bring them customers.  Basically, any MLM or biz op company is looking for salespeople.  That's you!  And believe me. it takes a lot of time and energy (at first) to build a customer base before you begin seeing the piles of money some gypsies tell you about.

Think things through, and use your common sense when considering business opportunities.  There are some excellent companies available that offer tremendous benefits and support.  The upstanding ones will gladly give you full disclosure.  The reason?  It's a waste of their time to bring in associates that are not fully prepared and able to work for them.  After all, the riches come - for you and the home company - when sales are made.
Keep investigating until you find an opportunity that's right for you.  Then you can work toward financial independence with the backing of a legitimate organization.

-------------------------------- ---------
Sandra Stammberger works with legitimate businesses to help them promote their biz ops to thousands of interested individuals.  If you have an upstanding company who is looking to recruit new sign-ups - guaranteed - visit http://www.guaranteed-signups.net today!

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