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Vol. 1 issue #42 Jan 7, 2003


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Setting Up a Toll Gate for Content
2002 By Marcia Yudkin

Contrary to dire predictions that people will never pay for content on the Internet, thousands of entrepreneurs are setting up successful subscription Web sites.  Whether you have a content site that you plan to start charging for or are in the process of creating a new site with content behind a toll gate, success comes from understanding what people will pay for online and including two key marketing ingredients to persuade them to sign up.

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Before committing yourself to a paid subscription site, think long and hard about the value you will be offering subscribers.  Be ruthless and conservative in your assumptions!  Here are some general categories of things that people in a number of niches are willing to pay for:

* inside or expert information that helps them make more money or save money

* fresher or more complete data than they can get elsewhere

* something that consistently brightens their day better than anything else

* solutions to their problem right this minute, especially if it's the middle of the night or a deadline looms

* tools, samples, templates, plans, patterns, checklists, downloads, scripts

* access to experts or celebrities

* opportunity to interact with other members of their niche or people who share a relatively unusual interest

* interactive or personalized features not available

* fresh information available conveniently and on a reliable schedule

* reviews, recommendations, resources, case studies

* step-by-step instruction at their level

* the opportunity to feel they are making a difference and staying informed about a cause that's important to them

* information that is exactly tailored to their niche needs rather than generic

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Since your paid content will be password protected, for members only, even the best offerings can't sell themselves. 
Therefore you need mouthwatering descriptive bullets making the content sound unusually tantalizing and valuable and testimonials from members who explain how they've more than
gotten their money's worth from the site.

Instead of a dry, factual recital of what people will get from their site subscription, inject suspense and color into your descriptions of what they'll get.  Especially, make explicit the benefit people get from your content:

* "Unlimited use our secret vault jam-packed with over 3,000 pages of cutting-edge articles, programs and training tips created by professional strength coaches that are proven to give you results." (www.sportspecific.com)

* "Product Reviews:  We search for the best luxury products, and because we accept no advertising, you receive unbiased product reviews." (www.luxurylifestyleadvisor.com)

Testimonials are equally important to persuade people to set aside their skepticism and fears and take the leap to pay for something they can't touch and examine in advance.  Ask your earliest users or colleagues who have a reputation with
your target niche to put into words what's valuable about your site.  Particularly valuable are blurbs from people who got concrete results because of their subscription - made money, lost weight, found a sponsor, improved their SAT
scores, etc. 

With content that passes the value test, mouthwatering marketing copy and quotes from satisfied site subscribers, you'll soon be proprietor of yet another successful subscription site.

-------------------------------- ---------
Marcia Yudkin <marcia@yudkin.com> is the author of Poor Richard's Web Site Marketing Makeover, Six Steps to Free Publicity and 9 other books.  She has recently created month-by-month marketing plans for site owners hoping to convert a free site to paid or to start a subscription site from scratch. Details:  http://www.yudkin.com/plans.htm.

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