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 Vol. 1 issue #8 Apr 18, 2002


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Making Money Online is Easy When You Know How!

2002 by Jerome Reid

Ever hear about all those people who are making a lot of money online and wonder how or if you can do it too?


Well, the bad news is that many, many people try to run their own internet business, but only a few actually succeed.  (There are an estimated 1.4 billion websites up and running on the internet.  However, only about 5% of them are considered to be successful!)  Now, the good news is that making money on the web is quite simple, once you know how!


So, what is the answer to enjoying success in cyberspace?  Well, there are four basic components of a successful website that will enable you to make an actual living online:


1. The right product

2.The right price (for your product)

3.A well designed website that will pull orders for you 24/7

4.Plenty of quality advertising


When it comes to any of these four, most online marketers simply don't know where to begin.  After all, the very first step, finding the right product(s) could take literally months, if not longer!  And who has time for that?  You want a quick and easy start with immediate success, right?


Fortunately, there is one product that stands out from the rest in the online world.  This product is what the information superhighway is all about in the first place.  Also, it's easy to run your own business with it, because you don't have the normal headaches associated with carrying inventory, keeping track of customers and their physical addresses, shipping and handling, etc.



Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..


What is this product?  It's information!  Isn't that one of the primary reasons why people are online anyways to gather information?  And, there's an easy format to deliver an information product in.  It's called an electronic book or ebook for short.


Now, unlike a regular book, ebooks can be delivered via email or simply downloaded by your customer right off the internet.


"Well," you might say, "that sounds good, but I don't happen to have access to an electronic book nor the time, patience or resources to create one."


This is where reprint rights come in!  There are tons of ebooks sold online that you can get actual rights to "reprint".  Now, you're not physically going to your local print shop to have paper copies of the book run off.  No, it's an electronic book.  So, all you're doing is sending an electronic copy of the book to any customer who has ordered it from you.


Now, let's say that you've got a product that people want to buy an ebook. 

What's next?  Well, remember that one of the key ingredients to success on the web is also having the right kind of website to sell your product with?  That's not a problem either since many of the businesses that offer ebooks with reprint rights will also throw in a professional looking, order-pulling website that is open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This is just a bonus when you purchase the reprint rights.  What's more, you'll even get a suggested selling price that is well tested and proven to receive the maximum amount of orders for that particular product!


So, you have a great product, the right price for your product and a well designed website to sell the product with.  All you have to do now is some advertising to attract potential customers to your website.


The great thing about having the rights to reprint an ebook is that you get to keep 100% of the profits.  There are no commissions or royalties to pay.  And, you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to obtain the reprint rights either! 

Generally, these rights are a very, very small investment. 


Also, you can advertise for a few hours each week and see steady orders coming in on a daily basis even when you're computer is turned off.  You don't have to be glued to your PC like most folks are to their jobs!  You simply advertise and bring traffic to your website.  Then, your website does the rest, including processing payments and delivering the product(s) to your customers for you.


To see a real-life business that actually offers reprint rights, as well as, methods of advertising for free (both of which I personally use), visit:

www.instanthome-ebiz.com and/or www.instanthome-ebiz.com/blaster.


Looking into reprint rights is something that I highly recommend to both the online marketing newbie, as well as, the not-yet-successful internet marketer who has been around for a while.  It really is a smart an easy way to get started making money online!


Here's to your success!


Copyright (c) 2002 - 2003 Jerome Reid

Jerome Reid is an author and entrepreneur

who has been marketing online for over 3

years.  He can be reached at 708-250-5906

or via email at jerome@instanthome-ebiz.com


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