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Vol. 1 issue #93 Jan 29, 2004 


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The Perfect Internet Product - A Cookbook?
2004 By Willie Crawford


So you've decided to go into business for yourself on the  internet.  You've heard it's the perfect way to supplement  your income with little or no investment. But what will you  market to achieve fame and fortune?

Actually it all depends upon your goals and interests. You  do need to offer something for which there is a proven  demand. You need something that can be delivered cost  effectively over the internet.  You need something that you  can easily locate the market for.

Why not write you own cookbook?


400% MORE

Why a cookbook?


- Everybody eats.
- People are constantly looking for new ways to prepare their  favorite foods.
- Many people are avid cookbook and recipe collectors.
- You can create an ebook that has practically no delivery cost.
- You can print hardcopies later from the profits of your ebook or you can use print-on-demand to have copies printed as needed.
- Most people have or can compile a collection of their favorite recipes.

Writing a cookbook involves pulling together some recipes,  some photos or illustrations, and organizing your collection.   You need some specialized theme to write your cookbook around.   You can create a cookbook around a single food, a style of  cooking, or around a purpose such as a charity.


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Once you've written your cookbook, then your challenge may be  in marketing it.  As a seasoned cookbook author here are the  elements I consider essential:

- A website to use in attracting visitors interested in your  topic.  Ideally, this website will contain content that gets  you great search engine listings and traffic. A website can cost under $10 per month.

- A mailing list to discuss your cookbook or the type of food  covered by your cookbook (to create interest in your cookbook).  You can run your mailing list at no cost spending only an hour or so a week.

- A system on your website for taking orders.  This can be as  simple as a free Paypal account or more elaborate such as a  shopping cart that can handle a variety of products.  You can  even have an affiliate program where you pay other webmasters  for sending you referrals.

Putting together a cookbook is really little more than  planning, getting organized, and then just doing it!



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But can you really make big money selling your own cookbook. 
The answer to that very important question is that you can  if you can generate enough interest or attract enough  attention.  That is where the majority of your work will come  in.  You will need to learn effective internet marketing  techniques and implement them.

Since writing and publishing a cookbook does involve so little work, it can prove profitable even if you don't sell a  million copies a year.  Your overhead will be so low that if  you only earn a few thousand dollars a month, you will be  doing great.   The cookbook will sell for a long time, while  requiring no additional work.

One of the secrets of many successful online entrepreneurs that I know is that they don't try to make a fortune from just one product.  Instead, they have several... perhaps a  dozen products each generating a nice income. Combined, these  products, generating multiple streams of income, allow these  entrepreneurs to reach their online income goals. 

Of all of the products that you could create and market  online, a cookbook is one of the few requiring no specialized knowledge or training.  So for many internet beginners, it makes sense to make their first product a cookbook. Start generating some quick income.  Then focus on  other related or unrelated products.

If you'd like to learn more of the step-by-step details on  writing your cookbook, you need to learn from someone who's  done it. A good place to begin is by visiting the site  http://writeacookbook.com  At this site three experienced  cookbook authors explain everything involved.  Their cookbooks  range from German cooking, to soul food and Southern cooking, to recipes for your dog.  That gives you an idea of the



Willie Crawford has been teaching others how to build an
on-line business since late 1996. Frequently featured in
radio, magazine and newspaper articles and interviews, Willie
teaches the average guy what the top marketers are doing but
seldom talking about. For example, Willie demonstrates the
power of automated residual income through his system at:
http://ProfitAutomation.Com Visit now for a business boost.
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