1st Edition, Volume 1

August 2008





Friends please feel free to email us your responses, suggestions, criticisms, constructive & otherwise to BestForumAward@adlandpro.com  We welcome every viewpoint, and we will make it our endeavor to do our best to make the Best Forum Award one of the most sought after awards and a pride to accomplish. Every month we will choose 2 best ‘Letters to the Editor’ and publish them here, so get going and have those letters coming in. Look forward to hearing from you.


I cannot sign off without saying a special  thank you to my assistant on this project JOE DOWNING,  not only my friend, but a proud  BFA winner and also Adland's 'Person of the Year 2007'.  Joe without your help I could not do what I do here. Friends Joe IS OUR GRAPHICS MAN! He has also put together a forum you just have to bookmark... especially if you are new around here.  Go here and see for yourself, you will know why!


On this note, let me say auf Wiedersehen!


Till next time,


Stay safe and stay blessed,


Pauline Raina




Dear Adland friends,


To those new around here, a very warm welcome to you, and I wish your stay with us be a long and happy experience. To my other friends who have been around for a while now, I'd say its always so good to see your smiling faces, and to enjoy your love and support shown to me and to all through the community. It is indeed inspiring. Thank You !  :-)


I am privileged to bring to you the first edition of our Best Forum Award Newsletter, objective being to keep you posted on all that’s happening, how it’s happening and when its happening, Wow! It seems like a real happening place huh?  LOL!


However on a serious note, I am so honored to have the contributions of AdlandPro’s CEO Bogdan Fiedur who will be our Mentor, and Adland's Goodwill Ambassador John Sanchez for sharing his thoughts and heart with us, and all our friends who will from time to time contribute to this event.




To Inspire and Reward




Mentor’s Moments with BOGDAN FIEDUR

The reason I'm bringing up these names is that these people took the responsibility on themselves (totally on volunteer bases) of supporting and entertaining this community. They have given their time to run such programs as Best Forum of the Month Award, Person of the Week Award, Picture of the Week Award, Community Newsletter, or just to help with any of these programs.  Mostly this was their initiative and all the ideas. Adlandpro community would not be what it is today without these people.


Here again Pauline Rine and Joe Downing have joined forces of creating a new newsletter dedicated to Best Forum Award.


I can't thank enough all the volunteers who make this community a real place of friendship, support and entertainment.


There are also others who were very noticeable over the years, like Nick Sym, Jill Bachman, Rose Enderud, Sam Sunday, Georgios Paraskevopoulos, Sarah Pritchard, Joelees Wholesale, Sara Blow, Thomas Richmond and Ana Maria Padurean.


I would like to thank all those who are listed here and everybody else who I have dealt with in the past.

Bogdan Fiedur



Every once a while, you meet a person who makes a big difference to your life, your experiences or to your thinking.


Running an online business now for over 10 years, I have met many people and dealt with them on different levels. Adlandpro community was probably the biggest source of such encounters, since due to it we have much better means of getting to know each other.

Paulina Rina, Joe Downing, John Sanchez, Marilyn Martin, Peter Fogel, these are just a few names who had profound impact on my life and this community in recent years








Best Forum Award for

August 2008


Expressions of Nature


 by Sara Blow









John R Sanchez

When I came to AdlandPro I was only looking for some free advertising but before I left AdlandPro for my Sabbatical I had obtained a weekly spot (feature) on the front page of the site and I was bestowed the title of Goodwill Ambassador. In that time I also won a couple of BFA awards along with some Photo of the Week awards and I earned a spot on the Newsletter. The exposure I received from all this was phenomenal and the friendships I made were a true blessing. My creativity and hard work paid off in more ways then I could imagine. One way I knew I was getting great exposure was by Googling my name on the Net. As you know the name John is one of the most popular names in the world and so is the name Sanchez when it comes to Hispanic names. I discovered that if I Googled my name on the Net my link from my profile at AdlandPro would appear somewhere on the first page out of over 6 million possibilities. Even now after all this time of non activity at AdlandPro it has only dropped a little and it appears on the second page. What more could I ask for? So get busy and start a forum. Be creative with your forums and active in the community and who knows what you can accomplish from your hard work. Take care my friends!


Love and blessings always,


John R. Sanchez


Hello Everyone at AdlandPro!


I’ve been gone since the beginning of the year on what could be considered a Sabbatical. I needed some time to pursue some other ventures and I needed a break from the daily routine of the past two years. I’ve missed you all and I’m glad to be back even if it’s on a part time basis.


It gives me immense pleasure to write an article on the importance of having a forum. As someone with the experience of maintaining several successful forums I can say that it’s very rewarding and beneficial. The obvious thing is that you get great exposure for your business but there’s a lot more that can come from maintaining a successful forum.







Best Forum

ENDS August 27th, 2008








 I enjoy going on forum safaris trying to locate and publish unique forums to the Unofficial Adland Bulletin Board

I look for forums that are inspirational, motivational, fun, informative, heartfelt and uplifting to the community.   There are many that fit the characteristics of being great contributions to AdlandPro’s Community.

I cannot forget to mention that being active here at AdlandPro has many great rewards.  One of the greatest rewards is making friends from around the world.  How many of us have actually had the opportunity to travel to other countries, cities, counties and meet new people?  Whoa!  Not people, but unique people?  I travel a lot, but I rarely meet the type of people on those trips that I do here at Adland.  Again, it is incredible!


There are many rewards for being active here such as being put in the spotlight to be uplifted by all of the active members.  I have had the blessings of being Person of the Week (POTW), Feature of the Week, in the Sunday Showcase, in the Parade of Stars, the Just Perfect Award, Poet of the Month (May 2008) and Person of the Year 2007.  One of my forums was nominated and won the Best Forum Award for February 2008.  It has been an incredible 16 months thus far! 


The most incredible part of Being Active in the Community was not all of the awards.  There was a lot of time used in reading and posting in hundreds of forums on a daily basis.  Throughout my participating in these forums, I came to know some of the most encouraging people in the world.  I will forever be indebted to the many that accepted me as I am and “made” me their friend.  THAT IS INCREDIBLE!


I encourage everyone to continue being active in the community because you just never know how one of your posts could change the life of another.  Just understand that it does happen!


Sincerest warm hugs,


Joe Downing


Being Active in the Community


Hello Everybody!


This has been such an exciting month for the BFA.  I am so honored to have been asked to climb aboard the BFA Team and help with the production of the forums, the newsletter and graphics.  We hope you have been pleased with the changes that have occurred so far this month.  Pauline should be highly commended for doing a fantastic job in keeping up with all of this by her self for so long.  <Applause>


On another note, I would like to take a moment and begin a section of the newsletter that is very important to me… Being Active in the Community.  This is one of my favorite topics and I hope it will be one of yours also.


Each of us came to Adland for different reasons.  Some have come and gone and left forever impressionable footprints in the sands of time in the community.  Others simply appeared and then disappeared.  However, many have created their individual niches throughout this vast community of forums.  There are so many varieties of forums that one can easily find others who share the same passions.  It is simply incredible!One thing I learned in my first few months at Adland was how simple everything works here.  I’ve tried many other online social communities both professional and personal and most were simply too difficult.  Here at Adland, everything is laid out in such an easy format that it is actually a pleasure creating and participating in forums. 







Award Of Appreciation


Story Teller Award


August 2008


Shirley Caron







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