ABCDEVolume 1 - 2nd Edition, September 2008


Pauline Raina



Hello my dear Adland friends,


Wow what a month it’s been for me on a personal note, and I pray you too have had your share of successes and good times too. It’s wonderful to be able to bring to you our second edition of our newsletter.


Thank you for your feedback, it was very encouraging, we had questions, suggestions, and loads of appreciation letters, of which as promised last time we are featuring the two of the BEST LETTERS. Congratulations Judy and Ana-Maria! Keep those letters coming friends, it’s always a pleasure to hear from you. It makes all that we do worthwhile.


Now on to something new that we have for you. If you have been inspired to setup a forum, and have done so, we the BFA Team invite you to come on over and post the name & link of the forum here. We have set up a special thread for that purpose. Even if you have set it

up not so long ago, let us know. The purpose for this is to help you get visitors to your forum, and make friends quickly.


Now while on the topic of friends, let me just share a few thoughts with you. For me the most interesting aspect of Network Marketing is the making of friends. It is my opinion that making friends first and doing business later is what makes network marketing so pleasurable, it doesn’t have to become a chore. You honestly discuss prospects of a good offer, and your friends knowing you well enough, wouldn’t find it hard to make a decision to join you. Write in to me and let me know your thoughts on this. In the mean time have fun making more friends through your forums; remember your forums can speak volumes of who you are. So take time and think about a subject that interests you the most, or if you feel strongly about something, and would like to explore on the opinion of others, forums are the best way to do it !!


That’s all from me for now, till we meet again,


Stay safe, stay happy, and stay strong


Pauline Raina


To Inspire and Reward


Bogdan Fiedur

Mentor’s Moments



Your greatest asset is your existing customer

Statistics show that existing customers are 10 times more likely to purchase from you again than someone who never heard of you. Therefore, it makes sense that you concentrate your efforts on making your existing customers happy. Someone who is happy with your product and the way you treat them, will likely buy from you again and again and again. They’ll also recommend you to their friends. They will also sell your products voluntarily.


There are only three timeless principles of marketing and they are equivalent for both online and offline methods.


They are as follows:

* Increase the number of customers

  • Generate more leads. Get your message in front of the right audience and encourage them to take a serious look at your business.



  • Advertising effectively

  • Participate in discussion groups or forums

  • Joining communities

* Increase the amount of the average order

  • Persuade and bundle -give people a better deal by bundling existing products and less attractive items.

* Increase the frequency of the average order

  • Develop long term strategic relationships with your customers so they buy again.

  • Offer renewable subscription services that can be automatically renewed or cancelled.

  • Offer free reports or products as part of your package. People will pay more for an item if they know they’ll receive something for free.

  • Offer discounts in slower periods.

By following the above mentioned steps, you can ensure that you retain your existing customers and that they know how much you value their business. In return, they’ll reward you with more orders and will remain loyal and faithful customers.

Bogdan Fiedur



Best Forum Award


September 2008




by AnaMaria Pandurean



Ambassador John Sanchez


John R Sanchez

How can I get people to keep coming to my forums?


Last time I wrote to you folks about the importance of having a forum so now I would like to provide you with suggestions on how to bring more people to your forums.


First start with a catchy title, it doesn’t even have to be completely about the forum’s subject. Let’s say you’re interested in writing about the current Presidential campaign and you want to discuss the mud slinging that has been going on recently. If you’ve been following the Presidential campaign you’ve probably heard the recent statement Senator Obama made about a pig with lipstick being just a pig. And you probably heard how the Republicans took it personal. In this case; I would title my forum, “Senator Obama insults Miss Piggy and Kermit the frog comes to her rescue!” Now someone seeing this title would probably wonder what the heck are they talking about? Their curiosity would cause them to check

out the forum just to see what it was all about.


Next, you’ve gotten them to your forum and you want to keep them there for a while. Make sure the material is interesting. Inject some humor here and there and bring up some interesting questions to get the readers involved in the discussion. Make the forum pleasing to the eyes with different types of fonts. Use more then one color of font and place photos or images throughout the forum, but don’t make it too busy or too long. You can always bring up more questions in the posts to follow. Always be polite to your guest and use good forum etiquette. Do some brainstorming with a partner on how to make the forum more interesting with each post. Thank your guest for their participation and hint on how you got something interesting coming up in the following posts or forums.


Well my friends, I hope this has been helpful. I may pay you a visit to see how you are doing. Good luck with your forums! Take care everyone!


John R. Sanchez

AdlandPro’s Goodwill Ambassador





OCTOBER Best Forum Poll

Voting ENDS September 26th, 2008



Sammy Sunday


Sammy Sunday



Thank you very much Joe and Pauline for ever considering me a part of this wonderful initiative – the BFA Newsletter. I am so thrilled to contribute an article in this edition.


Well, I think as a very passionate and addicted member of Adlandpro community, it would be out of place if I fail to write about an area that has brought me so much respect, recognition and quality friends, and that is the forum.


When I accidentally stumbled on this community while searching for a credible social networking site, I initially could not make much sense out of it until I started visiting some quality forums. It was in such forums like POTW, Attitude is everything, Weekly Parade of Stars, Encourage my Soul, Neil Sperling’s Business Tips, etc that I was opportune to meet and make wonderful friends. Through the process of interacting with these friends from all over the globe, I was delighted to discover how vast in experience and wisdom every one member of this community is endowed. I visualized the depth of knowledge and acumen as demonstrated in some of their posts and discussion and thereafter decided it will be nice to try my hands on my personal forum. Let me quickly add here that I derived so much strength and experience from participating in some of the forums mentioned above.


I needed a meeting point where members can share their experience with one another and by so doing end up learning new and quality ideas. A free convocation ground devoid of all forms of discrimination, unhealthy rivalry and rancor but open to sharing of noble and valuable thoughts and skills which would benefit every participants. This was my clear mission in starting my forum which is why I started by sharing some of my ideas and beliefs.


Starting the forum was one thing but attracting community members and friends was a Herculean task.

This is where I remain ever grateful to my foremost friends in the community that gave me all the encouragements, support and participation. Jill Bachman, Judy Smith, Ted Kussie, Joe Buccheri, Leslye Miller, Neil Sperling, Mary Hoftetter, Kathy Hamilton are some of those early friends that inspired my work by taking time to visit and comment on each thread.


The sweet break actually came when I started featuring “Article of Virtue” as article contribution from interested members. It was developed so that the writers and characters could become real, living, breathing people to the readers even when we could no see each other physically. It is the features of “Article of Virtue” that have brought many members together and added certain element of value to our interaction. We tend to teach and at the same time learn and get encouraged from each other.


Probably the greatest joy I have derived from my membership of ALP apart from my friends is the recognition I have enjoyed through awards. Thanks to the Weekly Parade of Star team of Marilyn Martin, Nan Herring and Co who surprised me first with a major community award. Then came POTW, JP, BFA and a host of others.


The biggest and most surprising one that keeps me shaking with tears of joy till date has been the 2007 all round Best Forum Award. Nothing is more satisfying and edifying than being pronounced the best among thousands other forums in a community of more than 80,000 members. It is not really the $1000 monetary prize tag that goes with the award but the pure ecstasy and satisfaction of being recognized and honored. If I had started with the material gains in mind, I probably wouldn’t have persevered for this long. I heartily enjoy the community, the people, and of course, the forum. The awards and gains can only come as added inspiration. This is the best route to a great and abiding forum.


Thank you


Sam Sunday.


BFA’s Award Of Appreciation

Angel of Compassion


September 2008
Jerilyn M

Jerilyn M.

For the Love of Pets, Wildlife, The Environment and Each Other!



Joe Downing



Being Active In The Community

Hello everybody!


Let's talk a bit about being active in the community. AS with the BEST FORUM AWARD, one of the greatest ways to be active is to host a forum. If you look through the BFA Winner's Gallery, you will see that there are many different styles of forums here at Adlandpro. They range from arts, humor, photography, friends featuring friends, love and just many different topics. They seem to be forums that were inspired by the host's passion. A passion to share something delightful with the community. Always, something that the community enjoys being part of.


As the community continues to grow and expand, so will the need for more forums. People come to Adlandpro in search of a social site for advertising, socializing and information. As I found when I came here, it is a big place and at first you just don't know where to begin. If it weren't for a select few who

sort of took me by the hand and shared with me about things I should do quickly (like; uploading my picture, creating an About Me page, visiting the RECENT posts page and participating in some of the forums), I may not have stayed long here at Adlandpro. I am a truly blessed Adlander!


Most of the beginner training was performed indirectly through forums that were purposfully designed to teach new members on getting started here at Adlandpro. Thank you Teachers! You certainly have blessed this community.


For those of you who have not created a forum, have you thought about it? Have you thought about creating a forum to share something you are passionate about? Do you like to make others smile? Create a forum about humor. Do you like to make people think? Then how about a philosophical forum? Pick a topic and go for it! It would be a joy to all of us if you would start a forum. It is an incredible opportunity to connect with many friends around the world. Just be active!


Sincerest warm hugs,


Joe Downing



Judy Smith

Judy Smith


Good Morning Bogdan, Pauline, Joe, John Sanchez and all at BFA!!


What a grand and exciting surprise when I opened the very first BFA Newsletter. I wish I could describe the thrill and the warm fuzzy feelings I had when I read Bogdan's kind and heartwarming words of gratitude.


Bogdan, you have accomplished much in 10 years. You have a great deal to be proud of, and you cannot help but glow with satisfaction when you look at the community you have created and the many strong bonds of friendship that have formed. It is really just like a small city on the web comprised of people from all over the world.


My sweet friend, Pauline, you also must be overwhelmed with joy and should be proud of the role you have played in the growth and bonding of this community. Your consistent love and dedication to everything you have been involved with here has not gone unnoticed by anyone. I am so pleased and proud to have had your help, your friendship, your love, mentoring and support from the beginning of my time here at Adland.


JOHN SANCHEZ! I miss you SO MUCH. I miss your smile, your support, your forums and think about you often. I always thought of you as the voice of reason, and a rock in the community. I am just tickled pink that you are going to be around at least part time, which will make the BFA Newsletter one of my favorite things to look forward to. I pray your time away is all you had hoped it would be and more, and I'll keep praying that you will once again become the force you were before you sebatical.


Joe, I cannot thank you enough for stepping to the plate to help Pauline with the BFA. It will take a bit of the burden from Pauline, as well as add the Joe Downing magic to the BFA. We are all blessed with by the laughter and joy that you create throughout the land and I know you will bring it all to the BFA. You have always been such a great friend and partner, and I thank you for that friendship, your caring, loving and fun nature and for all the great times we have had together here.


TEAM BFA, I know that this is but the first of countless and fantastic BFA Newsletters. It is plain to see that the BFA will continue to entice scores of Adlanders to produce great forums that will continue to bring enchantment and growth to the Community for a long time to come. With a team like yours, you cannot fail!!


God bless you all,





AnaMaria Pandurean

AnaMaria Pandurean


Hello Pauline and BFA TEAM!


What a wonderful Newsletter :-) I couldn't dream about a better EDITOR TEAM - hm, hope that's OK in English (I mean in your English too ;-) )


Unfortunately some duties keep me away of the Internet more than I planned but I'm happy thou, to know that I'm a member of a Community with such wonderful people, being such an Inspiration and support for each other! With the many things keeping me busy, without you I would have quit "INERNETING" ... but lucky me you are here, as an addiction, luring me every free minute I have.


Deciding which is The Best Forum is the most difficult thing to do; here are some of them with so different topics, Inspiring or warming up so many debates giving us the chance to learn about each others life and culture.


I've got so many from you ... and I just hope to be able to give you back at least a crumb of it.


I know how difficult is to keep alive a project like this, giving you now spare time and all that just to keep us ups to date! There are not enought words to Thank You for this!


I wish you the best of success and remember I'm here in case you need a friendly hand of help :-)


With lots of friendship,




PS: sorry SIRS for mentioning only PAULINA ... but she is A LADY and as you all are GENTLEMEN, you know LADIES first ;-) and I couldn't decide who to mention first ... so you are SIRS for me ...


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