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Vol. 1 issue #105  Apr 7, 2004


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Viral Marketing That Works Long-term
2003 By  Willie Crawford


The concept of a viral marketing tool is a beautiful thing!
You create a product, an ebook, some software, a cute  game, or maybe a screensaver.  People love it so much  that they pass it around. Everybody who gets their hands on this incredible product wants to share it with everyone  that they know.

Internet marketers love viral tools. You can compile a  collection of your articles, or even those of others, write  a salespage that points out its tremendous value, and others will go crazy giving it away. Each time someone gives it away,  they pass around your url, and drive traffic AND sales to  your site.

But has that really been your experience with viral marketing  tools?  Does business keep growing and growing and growing  as the pace of people sharing your product builds to an  incredible frenzy?

The truth is that for most products created to generate viral  traffic/sales, things really never take off. The creator of the viral  tool had a great idea but why did it fizzle?  Why was the virus cured before it became a marketing epidemic?

In a word... incentive.  In order for a product to really go viral  and keep growing, there must be some incentive  for EVERY person who passes it on. This doesn't has to be a monetary incentive, but the person does have to be rewarded for sharing  that ebook, software, game, screensaver, etc. 
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The incentive... the reward for passing on a viral product could
be the joy of knowing how much the recipient is going to
enjoy and benefit from using the product.  That is why some of the most famous viral marketing tools were passed on. But let's focus on viral tools specifically for the internet marketing
cro d for just a minute.  Since we study marketing and know how  easily things can go viral over the internet, we are convinced of the tremendous value of a great viral product.  That could be something as simple as a collection of articles on search  engines.  If it contains enough really good articles, this ebook  WILL take off.

However, after the initial growth spurt, the incentive for  passing the viral product on seems to fade.  The viral tool very quickly loses its excitement. The reason that it very quickly loses its excitement IS because the incentive for passing it on has a lower perceived value to those who pass it on after it's been around for a while.

The secret to keeping a viral marketing tool growing and going is to make it just as rewarding... just as exciting, for those who discover it months from now as it is for those exposed to it when it's first produced. 

One way to do this is to integrate some way to personalize the  item... make it brandable.  By allowing a person to change links within the product to his own affiliate links, you build in tremendous incentive to pass this item on to as many people as possible because of the potential "backend" sales.



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However, after it's been passed along AND re-branded by several "generations," some of the backend products may even begin to appear less exciting.  That's because the 3rd or 4th generation virus spreaders probably want to promote something that their audience will view as fresh or exciting. What they need and want is a way to add a fresh, NEW layer to an existing viral product.

By being able to add a fresh, new layer to an existing product, they can take that  existing viral product... with proven value, and make it EXCITING again. It will be exciting to the potential new spreaders because it will allow them to promote a backend product that THEY are excited about. They are not forced to promote the backend products that were exciting to the original creator of the  viral tool a YEAR ago.

If it were possible to add a new layer to an existing product, you  would also overcome another drawback to some viral marketing tools. In order to brand and take advantage of some tools, you  are forced to join affiliate programs for products that you really have no interest in. If you could add your own layer, on top of the existing product, you could promote those products that YOU  have an interest in.

"ALLRIGHT" you scream! That does sound like a great idea but  why tell me about something that's a great idea that's not possible. I'm telling you about it because it IS possible.  There is a brand  new product out that I've been using a lot this week to rebrand some of the older viral products that I have reprint rights to. It let's me add my own fresh layer on top of the existing product. The product is called Zip Brander.

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Zip Brander allows you to take any existing downloadable file and wrap it in your own layer. That layer is presented to the  person downloading the file BEFORE they get to the basic  product. This is even better than branding links within the  product because they see your message before they dive into the product.

Your message is the first thing that they see before they unzip  the product to get to the viral product they were first sold on. Since your message is the first thing that they see, it's also the first thing that they react to. 

You've just overcomes another problem with viral products. You  pass them on because you sometimes hope that people will  use them and come across your embedded message. However,  since people are so easily distracted, they often never get to  your message... your embedded link, before  they go off to do  something else...

 ...But if your message is the first thing they see, it doesn't matter  so much if they are distracted  after a short time by the kids, the  barking dog, or the   phone. Your viral message has reached them...  and hopefully at least spread to their subconscious minds. 

I absolutely love Zip Brander!  Before people pass on your viral product, they can add THEIR own viral layer...  and this new viral layer they add can benefit you. You see, they can join Zip Brander's affiliate program, add their affiliate link to the TOP layer, and then pass it on.

When others get a copy of Zip Brander, to use in adding their layer, before passing the product  on you earn a  commission.  You also  earn a commission when their customers get a copy of Zip Brander
-  the affiliate program is 2-tier.

This is the most powerful innovation I've seen since the conception  of viral marketing tools..  Start rebranding your files - get a copy now
at:  http://www.profitautomation.com/app/adtrack.asp?AdID=73717

Willie Crawford has been teaching others how to build an on-line business since late 1996. Frequently featured in radio, magazine and newspaper articles and interviews, Willie teaches his client  about innovative new marketing technologies long before most  others discover them. Zip Brander is just one such tool. It' at:

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