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Vol. 1 issue #106  Apr 12, 2004


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How to get free traffic by giving away a free ebook
2003 By  Patric Chan


This may come as a surprise. Or not. Depending on  how much knowledge and experience you have  with internet marketing.
I'm sharing this tip with you because I have proof  of it's success. This strategy has been used for  ages by internet marketers. The strategy is to  offer freebies especially a free ebook to get traffic to your site. I've been enjoying a healthy  amount of traffic each day with this strategy.

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Here's an idea that I use. I have another webpage  that focuses on self improvement topics at
Feel free to subscribe to that too if you have a  desire to improve your life through self improvement.
Ok. Let's go back to the strategy. I offer a free  ebook, Success Quotes from the webpage,  essuccessmastery.com. To date, I've received  thousands of downloads for the ebook and  generated traffic to esuccessmastery.com from  the link in that ebook.

Another successful free ebook that I've completed  recently is 'Best Articles Ever Written' that I've worked  on with 11 other successful marketers like Willie  Crawford, Steve Shaw, Harvey Segal, John Delavera  and so on. Visit



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What's weird is, there are so many people using this
strategy but have failed to achieve any successful
results. Why?
Here are 5 tips in order for you to achieve successful 'viral
marketing' by offering a free ebook:

1.Your ebook MUST be valuable
Here's a rule of thumb. Your ebook MUST have value to the  readers. That means there MUST be something they can learn  or gain from it. Common sense will tell you, if the book is  full of garbage, what makes them want to share it with their
Preferably, before you give away the book, think of this first
- If you sell it for any price, will there be a buyer? If your  answer is yes, you have a winner. :)
2. It MUST not be boring
This sounds almost the same as first tip. But it's  different. Sounds ironic right? Lol
Imagine this. It's free. Most likely, it's not appreciated as  much as a paid book. So, the way you write the ebook and compile it, it MUST have a 'flow' to make it interesting  to read or it'll end up in the recycle bin.


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3. Get other people to help by distributing it
If you want it to spread fast, you need other guys with big  lists to help you promote your free ebook. If you do it by  yourself, it's going to take a heck of a long period of time to  spread it unless you are like #1 in search engine ranking.
The best place to get the list of people who have existing  subscribers. You can use ezine directories.
4. There should not be too many affiliate links
If your links sincerely want to give the readers  convenience to find more information or resources, that  will be ok. But don't promote everything under the sun.  Too many affiliate links will turn off any readers as it  will look obvious you are trying to earn back end sales from  affiliate programs. Nobody likes to be sold to. :)

5. Make your book brandable
I don't think there is such word as brandable in the dictionary.  But brandable to my understanding means that the reader  can brand your ebook with their own name, url or affiliate  link in that ebook. THIS TIP IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. If you  download my ebook above, you'll see that I offer them the ability to brand it with their own link. It just make sense right?
People will like to give away your ebook if they can also  get free traffic or back end sales.
You might already be giving away a free ebook at this moment.  But apply those 5 tips above, and your ebook will spread  like wildfire.
If you don't have a free ebook to give away, what are you  waiting for?

Patric works with world class internet marketing
gurus to build a successful online business. Discover
more insider secrets and the exact proven strategies
to make money online and be wildly successful:


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