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Vol. 1 issue #137 Feb 01, 2005



How to Become A Top Internet Marketer
© 2005 by Willie Crawford


A recent thread at The Internet Marketing Warriors member-only
discussion forum examined what it is that separates the big
Internet marketing successes from the "also rans." There was
no argument that one key to being an online success is
learning to write great copy. Great copy is what gets your
site's visitors stirred up enough to actually take action...
often a monumental challenge.

The discussion also asked why big online successes would bother
with learning to write copy when they could hire someone else.
The answer was that it's fun trying to see if you can create, or
improve upon, a winning sales letter.

Many of the top copywriters are also so busy writing copy for
their own projects that if you could afford the ten to fifteen
thousand dollars they'd charge you, you'd also have to get on
their waiting lists. So clearly, learning to improve your own
web copy is a worthwhile investment.

The fact is, anyone can get a web hosting account, throw together
a hastily written web page, and say that they are in business on
the Internet. In-fact, that's what far too many people do.
That's one of the reasons why most netrepreneurs never earn a
respectable income. They never bother to learn what it is about
good copywriting that makes it work. They never learn enough
about human behavior to understand what makes us behave the way
that we do.

Human behavior and motivation hasn't changed in thousand of
years. As Jay Abraham is fond on saying, "Human nature, is human
nature, is human nature." How and why we react to environmental
stimuli LITERALLY hasn't changed since the beginning of recorded
history. Understanding the causes and effects of human behavior
is the secret to great copywriting.

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As complex as we like to believe we are, we're all really
creatures of habit. Humans are not really that complex. We're
lots of emotions and chemical reactions sprinkled with a little
reason :-)

Copywriters understand that we're lots of "hot buttons" that can
be ethically exploited.

Great copywriters have discovered what these hot buttons are and
the correct way to push them. They've discovered through trial
and error how to whip the prospect into a "white-hot buying
frenzy." They've discovered how to get a prospect to reach an
emotionally charged decision and then logically justify it.

All of the discoveries made by great copywriters, which are often
well-documented, makes it incredibly easy for you to become a
world-class copywriter (which is your key to becoming a top
Internet marketer). All you have to do is study what they have
written. All you have to do is model their successful sales
pieces. You don't even have to fully understand WHY they worked -
you just need to know which ones worked. That's the one big
danger I see in modeling others' sales pieces. You don't always
KNOW which ones worked.

Great copywriters test everything, and as a result, always know
which elements made the difference in their advertising pieces.
It's not guesswork - it's science. Some share their scientific
findings with you in their courses and books. Aspiring
copywriters should have a library of these courses and books.

Here's an astonishing fact... many of the top Internet marketers
today did not struggle for years before becoming successful. They
understood... perhaps even stumbled upon the real key which is
effective copywriting. This enabled them to reach six and even
seven-figure incomes in months rather than years!

Let me give you an example. My friend Yanik Silver only came on
the Internet scene in 2000. I started in 1996! Within a year
of coming on the scene Yanik was already a household name.
Within 2 years, he was one of the "gurus." What is Yanik's
secret? He's an incredible copywriter.

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Like many world-class copywriters, Yanik actually spent a lot of
time studying copywriting. He was introduced to the works of
Jay Abraham and Dan Kennedy as a kid. He discovered the power
of good copywriting early. As a teenager, he was already writing
direct response copy so good that it sold medical equipment, for
his dad, to hard-noised, very discriminating doctors. He wrote
ads that caused doctors to mail or fax in orders for expensive
medical machinery... site unseen, while he was still a teenager.

Yanik, and every great copywriter that I've ever talked to,
became that way through study and practice. They studied
everything that they could that was written on the topic by
famous, proven copywriters. They built huge "swipe file" of
documented-successful sales pieces. Then they spent a lot of
time practicing writing similar sales pieces. They practiced
until they were able to model their teachers.

Being one of the Internet marketing top-earners is really
very simple. You study "million-dollars salespieces." You
sit down and write them out, over and over again. You study
each element of those successful salespieces. Through practice
and repetition you develop a feel for the flow. Your nervous
system becomes "trained." You develop an arsenal of thoughts,
of headlines, guarantees, closes, proof, sub-headings, power
word... and eventually you reach a point where the powerful,
effective copy just flows from you effortlessly.

I used Yanik as an example above for two reasons. One is
that he has produced a "home-study" copywriter’s course that
I've gone through. I refer to my materials from this course
any time that I'm working on any email, autoresponder
series, direct mail piece, or webpage. You can check out
Yanik's course at: http://www.ultimateonlinecopymanual.com

The second reason I used Yanik as an example of how good
copywriting can make you a fast-rising Internet marketing
superstar is that Yanik consistently sets the standard that
I aspire to. Yanik conducts workshop - his "protege program"
that costs $14,497 to be a part of. That's not the
incredible part though - the incredible part is that he has
a HUGE waiting list for participating in his protege program.

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So there you have THE big secret of how to become a top
Internet marketer. Since I've been trained to over-deliver,
I'll also share with you a second secret. That secret is,
another key to rising to the top in ANY field is associating
with those who have already risen to the top. Yanik not only
studied Dan Kennedy, he also attended his workshops. Yanik
demonstrated to Dan that he was a serious student, and so
impressed Dan that Dan had Yanik teaching at "last-ever"
copywriting workshop.

How can you capitalize on that second success secret. Check
out this "underground" event that only those "in the know"
will be at:
This event is where you can brainstorm ideas with me and a
lot of the TOP Internet marketers. It's also where you'll find
a lot of future Yanik Silver's.

Now that you know the keys, only inaction can keep you
from becoming one of the top Internet marketers. I've
just revealed those keys to you and lots of aspiring Internet
marketers. Only a handful will use that knowledge thought.
That's why there will always only be a few at the top!

By the way... if you'd like to become a members of The
Internet Marketing Warriors, and brainstorm marketing ideas
with some of the best and the brightest, you can join the
club at: http://www.warriorpro.com/cgi-bin/w.cgi?2602

Willie Crawford is a corporate president, published author,
seminar speaker and host, tele-seminar speaker and host,
retired military officer, karate black belt, master network
marketing trainer, and lifetime student of marketing. He shows
people how to actually generate substantial income on-line
using very simple, easily modeled systems. An example of
such a system that you can study and duplicate is at:



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