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Vol. 1 issue #139 Feb 17, 2005



4 Steps to Selling More With Your Website
2005 by Charlie Cook


Is your web site helping you get attention for your business?

Does it prompt prospects to contact you?

Is it helping you build long-term relationships?

Does it generate the volume of s.ales you want?

Building a web site that works should be more like building your
dream home than constructing a stage set. You want to build a
solid structure to support the growth of your business, not a
flashy facade. First, you'd talk with your partner about what
kind of house you want and how it fits into your long-term plans.
You'd discuss your budget and the location, style and size of the
house, as well as the functions of the rooms and the flow between
them. When you were in agreement, you'd seek out an architect to
help you plan your home.

The architect would consider your ideas and objectives, create a
coherent plan to meet your objectives. You'd review these and
then she'd produce drawings and blueprints to guide the
construction. You'd need a contractor to build your house, and
the contractor would hire specialists to complete the job;
carpenters, electricians, masons, roofers, etc. Once your home
was completed, you'd need to maintain it; even a brand new house
needs periodic attention.

Building or Renovating Your Dream Web Site
Can you imagine building your dream home without careful
planning, or a clear sense of how the rooms would work together,
or a blueprint?


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Before you build your web site, did you define how it would
function, how it would get attention, and how it would generate
leads and build profitable relationships?

Did you have a web marketing blueprint?

A web designer is like your building contractor. They will
assemble your web site, but they can't tell you what the site is
supposed to accomplish or how it fits into your overall marketing
plan. Before you use a web designer you first need to understand
what you want your site to do and how to structure it to convert
prospects to clients.

Diane Varner, a successful web designer in El Granada,
California, asks prospective clients a series of questions about
their marketing before she starts work for them. She wants to
find out what their overall marketing strategy is and how their
web site fits into it. Her expertise is web design; if a prospect
needs help defining their web-marketing plan, she refers them to


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4 Steps to A Web Site that Sells

1. Create Your Web Plan and Marketing Content
Before building or
renovating your web site, you, too, should identify how your web
site fits into your marketing strategy. Clarify and delineate the
actions you want visitors to take and how to structure your site
to get prospects to contact you and buy your products and

Organize site content and pages to mirror prospects'
decision-making process, moving them step-by-step towards a sale.
Write content that motivates prospects to continue reading and
browsing your site and includes appropriate use of keywords to
help boost your search engine rankings.

2. Hire a Web Designer/ General Contractor
Once you have a plan and the supporting marketing copy ready,
find a web designer who can put these elements together to create
an easy-to-navigate site whose overall look and feel supports
your positioning objectives. Many web designers function as
general contractors and will sub-contract the programming
required to create forms, manage databases, email or online
shopping cart systems.

3. Market Your Web Site
Most people make the mistake of waiting until their site is built
to think about marketing it. If you started with the previously
defined web plan, you will have avoided this m0ney-losing
blunder. But don't assume that people will find your web site on
their own.


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Use fr^ee promotional activities such as distributing your
articles to get attention. Consider advertising in newsletters
and/or using pay-per-click advertising.

4. Maintain Your Web Site
Just like that dream house, a web site needs regular upkeep and
updating. Allocate the time and m0ney to see that the site is
well maintained, whether you learn to update text yourself, have
someone in your company do it, or give the job to an outside

The beautiful home you carefully planned and built creates the
physical context for you to eat, sleep, relax and enjoy family
and friends. Your web site should create the marketing context to
help you get prospects' attention, build relationships, and
generate leads and s^ales.

Use the four steps above to build or renovate your web site and
you'll have a site that is more than a flimsy stage set; you'll
have a web site that will help grow your business.


The author, Charlie Cook, helps service professionals and
small business owners attract more clients and be more
successful. Sign up for the Fr^ee Marketing Plan e-Book,
'7 Steps to get more clients and grow your business'
at http://www.marketingforsuccess.com



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