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Vol. 1 issue #140 Feb 24, 2005



Creating Marketing Fireworks
2005 by Charlie Cook


If you live in a small town like mine on the Connecticut
coast, you will spend Sunday evening watching fireworks,
along with everyone else in town. Why is it that people love

Fireworks grab attention with a dazzling display of color
and lots of noise. Unlike the sparkers you can hold in your
hand, the sound and size of fireworks can't be ignored.
Imagine if your marketing was as effective at getting
people's attention!

Diane was starting a new business coaching service and came
to me looking for marketing fireworks. She knew that she
needed a marketing message, one that described what she did
and would get her prospects' attention. Her dilemma was that
she works with clients to solve numerous types of problems
and instead of having one marketing message, she had a
laundry list of them.


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Sylia's General Info

25 Friends
Member since 11/14/2004
e.t.t. Sylia Brunelle
Gender Female
Age 27
Location Londom, ON, Canada
Interests My daughter, running my business, introducing people to opportunity
Company self employed
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Industry network marketing

Solving lots of problems is good, but when you are trying to
communicate what you do, it's the equivalent of a handful of
sparklers as compared to having one large attention-getting

In order to grab prospects' attention Diane dispensed with
her laundry list of messages and replaced it with one
umbrella marketing message. Here's how to get started on
your own marketing message.

1. List the concerns of your target market relative to your
services. This should generate a list of 10-30 problems you


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2. Organize your list in order of importance to clients.
What is your clients' primary concern?

3. Use the most important client concern on your list as the
basis for your marketing message. If you don't have a
summary sentence, then write one.

In our town when a particularly spectacular firework goes
off, the audience oohs and ahhs. You may not get oohs and
ahhs from your marketing message but you do want it to
prompt prospects to action.


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When you use your marketing message, fireworks or at least a
spark should ignite in your prospects' minds when they make
the connection between their needs and your services. If
your marketing message has done its job, people will ask you
how you do what you do or contact you for more information.

With a brilliant marketing message you'll grab your
prospects' attention, increase opportunities and see your
sales explode.


The author, Charlie Cook, helps service professionals and
small business owners attract more clients and be more
successful. Sign up for the Fr^ee Marketing Plan e-Book,
'7 Steps to get more clients and grow your business'
at http://www.marketingforsuccess.com



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