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Vol. 1 issue #167 Sept 1, 2005



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10 Ways To Market Your Business Offline And Increase Your Sales
©2005 By
Michele Miller


Whether you have an Internet business or other type of home based business, you will need to use some form of marketing
and advertising if you are going to have a successful business. You can increase the success of your Internet business or any type of bricks and mortar business by advertising offline as well as online.

Some offline forms of advertising are expensive, but there are many inexpensive ways to market your business and increase your sales, clients, potential clients, or web site traffic if you shop around before buying advertising. The truth is, it costs money to make money most of the time, but often the return on investment is many many times the cost of the advertising. Most businesses will fail without some kind of marketing.

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Have your business name put on your car, either a magnetic sign or on a decal across the back of your car, in a professional looking manner.

If you have a web site, advertise this also on your vehicle. It's great to be advertising your business just by driving around running errands.

Get some pens made with your business name and phone number on them, or your web site url. Leave them everywhere you go or anywhere you think you will attract business.

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Send out fliers about your business. Offer an Easter Special, New Year Special, Summer Special, some kind of special or other enticement, such as a discount coupon.

Tell everyone you know that you have a business and that you are expanding it.

Advertise in your local newspaper or yellow pages.

Do a radio announcement or cable TV commercial.

Advertise in any specialty magazine that fits your business.

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Be a guest speaker at local events and show you are an expert in your field. Itís a good way to meet people in your community and get them talking about your business.

Give away key rings, or promotional clothing, such as T-shirts and hats.

When you combine online advertising with offline advertising you can really reach a huge market. The more you focus on growing your business, the more great ideas you'll come up with.

Michele Miller is a home based business owner and medical transcriptionist. She is also the author of an ebook about starting a successful home based medical transcription business.



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