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Vol. 1 issue #179 Dec 9, 2005



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Time to Take a Break
2005 By Bob Osgoodby

Many people who write copy, advertising their product, have the
same problem. They feel they have to give every last detail
about their offer in their ad. Nothing could be further from
the truth.

You should try to give as much information as possible in the
fewest number of words. I know this is difficult, but the fact
is that most people simply won't spend the time reading a long
ad. Don't worry about the length at first. You should get all
the important points down first, and then try to shorten it.

Do this for five or six ads. Then have someone, preferably
someone who is not familiar with your product or service, read
them. If you have six ads, have them rate them on a scale of
one to six, with one being the best in their judgment. Try to
get others to do the same type of rating. Be sure not to share
the ratings by the other people who did this, until after the
current readers rating is complete. 

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Candy's General Info

Candy Gooding (user id: gooding) is offline. Last login: 12/8/2005 8:09:16 PM 141 Friends
Member since 12/4/2005
Mrs. Candy Gooding
Gender Female
Age 34
Location Snow Hill, NC, United States
Interests helping people take vacations at affordable rates', 'I love animals', 'being with my family
Company Gooding Enterprise
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Industry Travel Discount Club


There may be a wide difference in the ratings, but some pattern
should show up. Take the highest scoring ad, and run with it.
If it draws business, leave it alone. Don't feel you have to
tweak the ad every time is published.

Better yet, move along to the second highest rated ad, and start
using that one. Smart entrepreneurs may run several ads in the
same publication for the same product or service. Since they
construct their ads properly, people may not even realize they
are from the same person.

It is highly important to track which ads are generating
business. One of the easiest ways is to automatically insert a
subject in the email they will send you. The following address
will automatically insert the subject "Freead" as the subject
when someone clicks on the following address:

Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..

A simple way to start collecting this information is to set up
separate folders in your email package. You can then, through
the use of filters, automatically put each response in a folder
depending on its "subject". If you don't have software that can
do this, you really should get it. You can download a free copy
at: http://adv-marketing.com/business/frtest.htm - Click on

Eudora is probably one of the best email clients you can get.
While it does take a little time to discover all its features,
it is a very desirable package for someone in business.

Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..

Once you determine which ads are pulling, stay with them. A
common mistake some people make is to constantly change their
ads, because they feel they are getting stale. Don't forget, it
takes 5 to 7 exposures to an ad before someone may respond. If
you are constantly changing your ads, you are basically starting
over each time.

If you are finding it to be a "struggle" to work your business,
the worst thing you can do is to give a "half-hearted" effort".
You won't really be giving it, or your clients the attention
they need. Many times, the best thing to do is to take a break.
Take a few days or a week off. It will pay dividends as when
you resume, you will have a renewed enthusiasm. 

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