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Vol. 1 issue #19 Jul 08, 2002


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FFA's are a waste of time..........or are they?
 2002  Cas Amato.

Submitting your ad or url to free-for-all (FFA) link pages is a waste of time! This is the view held by many internet marketers although, on the other hand, there are others who would say that it's a great way to get traffic. 

FFA's have always been a hotly debated subject. If you have a good ad, and you submit frequently to a lot of sites, you WILL get some traffic. This is not disputed. However, the controversy arises for the following reasons: 

1) Your FFA posting will never last very long. As each new user posts his or her an ad, so your own submission is quickly being moved down the page. In fact, on most popular FFA's, your ad would last no longer than a few minutes before being shoved off the bottom of the page and cast into oblivion! 

2) Your inbox is quickly filled with junk mail. The reason that FFA's are free is that in order to post your ad, you have to agree to receive "a few confirmation emails" from the people running the site and their premium users. N.B. For "a few" read "hundreds!" So, you post your submission on an FFA page and what do you get for your trouble? An ad that lasts for about 10 minutes and an inbox full of junk mail! So, FFA's are a waste of time. Right? Wrong!.



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There are a couple of things you can do, which will make posting to FFA's more effective. 

1) Keep submitting your ad over and over again. The theory is that if you submit constantly to a large number of FFA pages, you will end up with a decent amount of traffic. However, whatever you do, do NOT try to do this manually! Automating this process will enable you to submit to hundreds of FFA pages without spending hours slaving over a hot PC. There are many places on the Internet where you can get hold of FFA submission software. However, my own recommendation is Roibot: http://www.roibot.com/r.cgi?R22292_campaign This program provides a completely automated process for submitting to FFA pages on a continual basis. You set it up once, and then it does the rest for you. 

2) Run your own FFA page. This is a great way to generate traffic. You can usually set up your page so that it has links and banners to your own site. And, best of all, most FFA programs offer you the facility to send an automated email to each and every user who posts to your page. This is sometimes referred to as "Reverse Marketing". Again, there are many sites on the Net which can offer you your own FFA page. One of the best programs I have found is this one: http://www.ffamailblaster.com/cgi-bin/ffa/free/acc.cgi?ca123-admin So, posting to FFA's, a waste of time? Not necessarily. Not if you go about it in the right way. Just follow the simple steps above and make FFA's work for you.

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