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Vol. 2 issue #219 Feb 08, 2007



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Why People are Not Making Money on the Internet
By Alan Cheng

Are you one of those people that is succeeding with their
business? Or the type thatís losing money every month
buying e-books, joining new affiliate programs and purchasing
new software. If you are the latter type, have you ever thought
about why you're not succeeding?

Well I can tell you that the majority of people I know deep
down does know why they are not succeeding. Itís just that
itís Human Nature that we try and block out the answer from
our brains and we try and not to confront it.

I bet even you've more than once avoided things
in your life which requires effort and took the easy path.
While at the same time you're giving yourself reasons or
should I say excuses for just plain laziness.


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One of my classic examples is Iíll do the dishes after I
finish browsing this topic on the internet. But after finishing
the surfing, I'll do the dishes after reading the newspaper.
Oh damn, itís nearly midnight, oh well, Iíll do the dishes
tomorrow since I have to go to work the next morning.
No big deal in not doing the dishes tonight, right?

Yes, I bet you have similar instances like me ;-)
And this process goes on and on and on.

Same with your business on the internet. You go for get rich
quick programs because they are quick, attractive, don't
require much effort from you. After a few months youíve
lost a lot of money but continue to join these programs.
Losing money every month. Aha... but there are guys
advertising that they are making a slaughtering with such
programs? But who are these people? Well, they're the guys
advertising the programs and they're the guys who own the

So why don't you join real online programs that really work
and earns you money for your advertising and work?


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The answer is because:

a. it takes you ages to get rich unlike the get-rich programs
which require a few months of your time

b. it needs you to work and you donít think you can do it.

You have read this far in the article so please remember:

- Having a business on the internet is like a having a normal
business. You have to put work into it. There is no FREE lunch.
Anyone who tells you itís easy and different is an absolute liar!

- Get rich quick programs donít work. Where the hell is all the
money coming from if everyone is earning? Do you know
anyone who is rich from get-rich quick programs?

- Confront yourself. Why are you not succeeding or making
money? Have you really advertised enough? Is your product
really attractive?


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Oh, and by the way, in case you're guessing I have
experiences with get-rich quick programs (guaranteed signups,
guaranteed earnings with no recruitment etc..) and I've been
burnt badly many times. So Iíve been there and done that. I'm
speaking from my heart so believe.



Alan Cheng, is the owner of www.onlinemoneymachine.com 
the true membership site dedicated to help one start a profitable
internet business. It has all the tools you really need to profit
online with your own website. You can contact Alan at


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