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Vol. 1 issue #22 Jul 30, 2002


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How to sell to 99% of your visitors- Again and Again!
 2002  Paul Easton.

Many web site owners miss the point. So many times they spend thousands of dollars on a web design and more on getting  visitors.

Most of it a waste because the missed an important part:

>> Building Trust

Without trust the visitor will hold tightly to his wallet, never thinking to ever release his money to you.

His first fear, the fear of making the mistake of a bad purchase,and losing his money, holds him back.

Now there are ways of reducing his fear



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1. A Guarantee- Now starting to become common as site owners realize the prospective customers fear. Offering a No Questions asked money back guarantee could be the difference between you
and your competition.

2. Contact Details- Placing full contact details- Name, Phone, Fax, Physical Location, and of course email. This helps if the customer does not get what they expected or something is wrong-
you want to be able to fix it quickly before word of mouth(or should that be mouse?) gets around

3. A Photo -A Picture of a real person and maybe a signature can help your site become more "personal" more like a real persont hat can be trusted.

But how do you turn the first time buyer into a repeat customer-a customer for life?

Its simple really- don't force him to buy.

You see when a person visits your site he may only be looking for information on your product or service, he may not be ready to buy yet- but you want to be around when he is ready.

While your most wanted response is to get the visitor to buy, your second or back up plan is to him to part with his email information and permission to contact him on a regular basis.

This is where a free email newsletter or ezine comes in. It takes the risk away from the customer- no money involved at the same time it starts to build the trust.

He provides his email address and trusts you not to give it away or sell it.

You have made the first contact, the first step to take the visitor towards becoming the customer. At the same the information your provide him shows you as the expert in your field- A person to turn to for advice.

Now you may have a business offline and expanding online, your time is valuable so you need to make sure that your time is well spend- looking after a list of 1000 or more can quickly eat up your time.

Users change email addresses faster than underwear! And so email addresses become unusable quickly

Internet service providers sometimes build in limits to how much email you can send out to protect them from spam complaits

It's important that these solutions be cost effective and made for the non-technical. You will need a reliable solution that will grow with you as your list size grows. Moving a large list can be huge task

Now you have a method of constant contact with your web visitor. Use it to provide the best possible information and then all you have to do is find the right offer for your subscriber and sellto them again and again!

All the Best
Paul Easton

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