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Vol. 2 issue #244 Aug 23, 2007



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Finding Your Most Profitable Niche
Copyright 2007 by Katharine Weterings

Many people believe that if you are not throwing a wide net in your marketing efforts, you are losing out on some money. In actual reality, this is the opposite. It is common knowledge that selling a range of products to a wide range of people, is usually more costly and not as profitable. Another factor you will have to think about is that if you have a similar product to a competitor, price is always going to be an issue. Simply put, it is difficult to build a successful brand when you already have more competition, especially when you are dealing with internet marketing. The most important thing to remember when starting a business is to target a niche market which will be successful for you.

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Here are some great ways to find a successful niche:

1. Determine what products are in demand
What is it that people are searching for on the internet? By using Overture, Yahoo’s keyword selector tool, you able to type in any keyword or phrase and determine how many people searched it each month. It is important to think of as many different subject areas as possible. Anything from ice skates to golden retriever to wine and spirits. This is the first step in determining what niche market is going to be most profitable for you to enter into.

2. Find out how much competition there is out there.

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With your list of possible niche markets to enter, you will now determine how great the competition is in each of those possible areas. Go to a search engine (google or yahoo) and type in your potential keywords that you used with Overture. Then find out how many other websites are listed. If there is little competition but a high amount of searches for your keyword you will know it is good niche market to enter into.

3. Take a look at your competitor’s website
Find out what your competition has to offer. Look at the first few webpages that come up in your search engine. These are going to be the sites to you will need to beat. That means that your site will need to be offering something unique that visitors can’t get at your competition. This is the time to be innovative and use your competitive edge.

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4. Create Link Exchange and Unique Content
One of the best ways to get your site on the top of search engines is by having link exchanges on your website. Make sure that the links you exchange with are within a similar area of interest. It has to be somewhat relevant to the content on your website. Another important thing to remember is to consistently have new content added to your page. It is very important that the content is original, because if it is not, will most likely be disregarded by most search engines. It is great to keep adding and updating your website. This allows the search engines to believe that you are consistently adding new, rich content to your site and will help in increasing your rankings.

There are many more techniques that you can use, but this is the best way to get started on your website. Once you have done this, you will be 10 steps ahead of your competition.


Katharine is an expert in the field of niche marketing. She has experience in internet marketing, SEO and web design. She owns http://www.nichemarketersclub.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Katharine_Weterings

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