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Vol. 2 issue #248 Oct 18, 2007



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Make $10,000 in Just 30 Days... Yeah Right
Copyright 2007 by Mike Ingles

You see it everyday “Make $10,000 in Just 30 Days” online websites promising to solve all your financial problems and become financially free overnight. Although it is very possible to make thousands monthly it does not happen without hard work and dedication.

The Internet is saturated with “Get Rich Quick Schemes” and it is hard to distinguish the legitimate ones from the pack. People become desperate to find alternate means of income and get caught up in the get rich quick hype thinking they have finally found the answer to their prayers. I am guilt of this myself. Don’t get me wrong, money can be made online and there are thousands of legitimate businesses online but understand it takes hard work and dedication to make it work.

A recent study reports that Affiliate Marketing has become one of the fastest and most profitable online businesses. People are cashing in all across the world by promoting other peoples products.

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Affiliate marketing provides ordinary people the ability to make money online without having to stock a product, provide customer service, shipping and handling, etc. Anyone can become an affiliate marketer but only few make enough money to become financially wealthy.

People fail at affiliate marketing simply because they believe everything they read. What I mean about this is they believe they can submit their affiliate websites to search engines and place a few ads and watch the money come rolling in. This is simply not true!

Many websites lead people to believe they can use their amazing system to generate thousands monthly. Once they have setup the system it runs on auto pilot making sales while they sleep. Have you seen these? I am sure you have and people actually believe it works.

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In order to make money with Affiliate Marketing you must treat your business as your own. This requires you to spend time each day working your business and applying new methods to generate traffic and sales. There are literally thousands of methods to market your products or services to generate sales. The key is finding the ones that work for your niche market.

Also, you do not have to spend money to affectively market your business. There are many ways to market your business for free such as submitting articles to directories and ezine publishers. This is an excellent method that produces great results and it is free.

Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..

Another great free method is placing ads in popular ad sites such as Craigslist and AdLandPro. Joining social gathering websites such as MySpace is another powerful method to advertise your services.

Making money online does not have to be difficult if you apply the right techniques and work hard to build your business. Expect to work several hours a day and 1-2 months before making your first sale. But, if you stick with it, the rewards can be amazing in 6 months to a year. Dedication is the key to achieving your goals. Set small goals that are achievable and build on that. Before long you too will become an Internet success story.


Article written by Mike Ingles, publisher of “Cracking the Affiliate Marketing Code” a Free 7-Day course teaching proven techniques Top Affiliates use everyday to generate thousands and so can you. Get your FREE copy at: http://www.hotonlinebiz4u.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mike_Ingles

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