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Vol. 2 issue #250 Nov 15, 2007



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Personal Website Promotion Experience
Copyright 2007 by Ray Blanchett

As an independent website owner that has a totally free website marketing real estate my experience since January 2006 has resulted in highs for the website. Starting a website with no experience at all or knowledge of websites I have experienced good times of pr9 and 5s linking to me for sometime. There is no low point as websites; visitor statistics and search engine placement always change day by day.

Natural organic method of building the website with unique content written by myself has resulted in many one-way links, additional visitors and returning visitors. Has only been in the last 7 weeks that I have actually worked on the website with targeting good fit websites that have key words match and relevant to real estate. Exchanging website links with other real estate websites is vital for effective link building and has helped greatly for my good positions in major search engines. With a zero marketing budget I have managed to get on the first page for competitive keywords related to property and real estate, which has taken some time and effort. What has not helped is that I was away working overseas for in excess of 7 months and did not work on the website and not even logging in that much.

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Jonathan's General Info

Jonathan E. Rudd   
Jonathan Rudd (user id: madmoneynow) is offline. Last login: 7/6/2007 12:01:15 PM 103 Friends
Member since 8/31/2005
Mr. Jonathan Rudd
Gender Male
Age 54
Location Charles Town, WV, United States
Interests Religion, Investing, Bizopp
Company MyFuelSaverBiz.com
URL View MyFuelSaverBiz.com's web site
Industry Marketing, Bizopp, Internet

The market I am in and keywords that I target are very competitive and are disputed by major international organizational websites and 10 years plus established website owners. Yes, I do not openly compete with these websites for obvious reasons, although I know I am doing something right as visitor numbers and search engine rankings are better each week. Long way to go! Patience and a lot of work are key to developing a well established website without a substantial budget and team behind you.

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What has helped is adding 6 unique pages each week with text content and I have found other websites linking to me as a resource. Only in the past few weeks I have started to write and submit articles, which have also helped gain one-way links and visitor numbers. Of course a well designed and coded website is the foundation for a well established long running website that visitor’s keep returning to. Intention is to keep offering free real estate listing with no commission, which provides some leverage against established websites and aggressive marketing methods of others. Until recent weeks I have been going with the force, although now I have a plan for the website in all areas. Targeting certain areas of real estate marketing and searching unique areas has also helped. No website can cover all areas!

Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..

Link exchanges can be time consuming and many websites will not even reply to your link exchange request. Successful link exchanges as mentioned already are a good fit to each other, real estate for real estate and not expecting to take some other websites page rank. Indeed I search for good content first in link exchanges, thinking of visitors to my website and the linking website, although higher page rank is a bonus. With an add link page my experience has been that other websites think they can submit their link and walk away thinking” Yes, I have another one-way link” This method of gaining links is not ethical, and certainly my links process is individually managed by myself and all links require to be approved first again by myself. Good practice to have a human edited link process. Additional experience of one-way links to my website is my visitors have their own personal page that they actively promote and some of the agents submit their own page url to a number of local websites and directories in their own country.

Thinking of what you wish from your website will take you along a different path from other related website owners.

Summary: As a new website you can not expect to gain high search engine placement and high pr websites linking to you without hard work and something to offer. Takes time to build an effective website that is in a highly competitive keyword market.



Ray Blanchett
RC Property Worldwide

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