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Vol. 2 issue #251 Nov 29, 2007



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Are You Capturing People?
Copyright 2007 by Victoria Player

Have you ever done a search on the Internet, located a site, had a quick look around and then clicked away? It's not that you didn't like the site, or that you weren't interested in the topic, services, or products that were being offered. Perhaps you just weren't ready to take action at that precise point. What's the chances of you ever returning to that website again? You clicked away and you'll probably forget about it forever.

Now think about the likelihood of someone doing this when they visit your site? What are the chances of YOU loosing a great prospect forever? They were obviously interested in what you had to offer to have arrived at your site in the first place.

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Studies reveal that as many as 99% of visitors to your website will NOT take action on their very first visit. That means youíre loosing a whole lot of potential business.

So, what can you do to ensure that you have a method for bringing your prospects and clients back to your website over and over again? The answer? To ensure that you CAPTURE their contact details on their very first visit to your website. Now the problem with this is that people won't just give you their name and email address. You have to entice them by giving them something valuable in return.

So what can you offer them to get them interested? Well, the first point is to ensure that you offer informative content that is complementary to your area of expertise. Here are some ideas that are proven to work well.

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1. A Free Ezine (Email Newsletter)

The most effective way for you to stay in touch with your prospects is to produce good content on a regular basis and package it in the form of an ezine. When your prospects sign up they are giving you express permission for you to contact them over and over again! It gives you multiple chances to build a relationship of trust, credibility and worth. The other benefit is that it will be YOU that your prospects think of at the point when they are ready to buy.

2. A Free Special Report or E-Book

One method for enticing people to sign up for your ezine is to offer them something thatís free. This can be anything from a special report, an ebook or perhaps even a selection of articles on a topic relating to your area of expertise. The key here is to provide valuable 'how-to' advice and information. People are looking for useful content that will help them. So you might decide to produce a list of relevant resource or a top 10 list of doís and doníts. Your aim here is to demonstrate the value and benefits of your service. At the end tell them how you're products or services will help them and whatís the next step you would like them to take next.

Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..

3. A Free E-Course

Another option is to develop a course of how-to email tips that are delivered to your prospects over a period of days. The most effective is to have them delivered every day or every other day for about a week. The use of an autoresponder provides a very simple system for doing this. It allows your prospect to sign up at your website and the course of emails is sent out automatically thereafter. In the very last email introduce people to your products or service and explain how it can help them. And of course, always remember to provide a call to action. Make it clear what you would like them to do next.

4. Don't Forget to Follow Up!

Once you have begun to capture and grow your list of prospects you need to decide on a system for contacting them over and over again. The follow-up is essential and itís important that you do stay-in-touch with your prospects at least once a month. Of course if you're already publishing your own ezine on a regular basis you already have the ideal method for doing this. What easier way is there to build an ongoing relationship with your prospects and clients?



About The Author: Victoria Player - The Marketing Coach is the founder of Innovation Coaching . She is also the author of the weekly publication 'Magnetic Marketing Tips'. If you're a coach, consultant or othe solo-preneur who's struggling to attract paying clients and you want to learn inexpensive marketing techniques that will boost your business then take a look at her free tips now at: http://www.InnovationCoaching.co.uk

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