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Vol. 2 issue #253 Jan 24, 2008



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Missing Headlines Equal Missing Sales
Copyright 2007 by Marte Cliff

It's not that people buy because they like your headline. It's that they read your message because the headline pulled them in. Why else would anyone stop their busy life to see what you have to say?

When you read the newspaper or a magazine, don't you scan the headlines to see what might be worth your time? And don't you skip articles that are clearly of no interest to you? Headlines are tools that help us pick and choose how we'll spend our time.

That means your headline has to reach out and grab your prospects - or they will choose not to give you their time.

And yet, letters without headlines show up in my mailbox with regularity. I'll bet they show up in yours too. Have you ever actually read one of them? I have, or at least I've tried, because sometimes I get a silly notion that I should contact these folks and offer to help. But I always reconsider.

I read a few lines and decide that I don't have the energy to even read on and figure out what they're selling. That's because their second mistake is dense copy - there are usually about 4 pages of single-spaced text stuffed into paragraphs about 30 or 40 lines long. Ugh. But that's for another discussion.

These marketers just might have something useful to offer - but I'll never know and I'll bet you won't either, because they refused to give me a clue and then made it hard to wade through their words.

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Letters in the mail aren't the only ones missing headlines. They also show up in our in-boxes and in newspaper and yellow pages ads.

I have to wonder what people are thinking when they send an email like:

Dear Sir/Madam, (XYZ Co.) is a USA textile company. We produce and distribute clothing materials such as batiks, assorted fabrics and traditional - (this went on for 31 lines without a paragraph break!) or this one:

Rebate Processor Position - Easy Work - Great Pay

Your Help is Needed

Now, maybe that's supposed to be a headline, but they forgot the letter. So did this one:

Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..
HUD Foreclosures for October 11th, 2007

HUD Foreclosures in your Area (was a link)

Now that one might work if delivered to the right person - except that it's for October 11 and it showed up in my mail on December 30. And, there's no proof that they know where my area is - so rather than click and wait to see, I'd delete.

The fact is, if a marketer dives right into the letter without telling the prospect why he or she should read it, chances are pretty slim that anyone with something better to do will read on.

I just read that less than 81% of all U.S. households are on broadband, but we're all pretty darn high-speed when it comes to hitting delete!

What about those newspaper and yellow pages ads? Of course they're expensive, so of course marketers want to pare down to the bare essentials. But isn't giving readers a reason to take time to read it pretty essential to the success of the ad?


Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..
Remember two things:
  1. Your name is not a headline - not unless you're so well-known that everyone in your market will stop what they're doing when they hear it.


  2. Everyone in the universe is not your prospect - - so don't try to appeal to every person. Write your headline to grab only those who will want what you have to offer.
Before you place another ad, write another email, or print another letter, think about what you're offering and spend time on your headline. Find something in your message that will interest your prospects, and put it front and center. Try writing your headline as a question, as a statement, as a promise, and as a "how to" - and then write each one 10 different ways to make it as brief and catchy as possible. Headlines are too important to write in 15 seconds - honest!

After you have a great headline, go back and work on the message below the headline to make sure you answer the question, expand the statement, keep the promise, or deliver the "how to" that the headline made.

Remember: To spend money on advertising without giving your prospects a reason to read it is silly. You'd be better off using that money to go relax over the week-end!



Marte Cliff is a Freelance Copywriter who specializes in making people feel good about buying products or services - or donating to worthy causes. She has extensive experience in writing search engine optimized web copy, direct sales letters, postcards, space ad copy, press releases, and more. She is also available for marketing plan creation and editing services. You can visit her at
http://www.marte-cliff.com While you're there, sign up for her marketing e-zine. When you do, you'll also get access to reports that will help you get better results from your own writing.

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