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Vol. 2 issue #254 Feb 7, 2008



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Is This The Basics For An Effective Marketing Strategy

Copyright 2008 by Happy Riches

Surefire systems of effective marketing strategies are what everybody is looking for. If you are interested in developing a business and establishing traffic flows to your website then you will need a system which you would call a surefire system because of its reliability. Nobody wants something that is hit and miss and all other the place.

What often happens is a system will work sometimes but not at other times. Because of this, Internet marketers need more than one system. Internet marketers need different systems for different seasons and different markets. What might work in Spring might not work in the Fall. What might work in North America might not work in Europe or South America and so on. Just think if you could come up with something that would work in all markets.

Here are four key components that can help alleviate much of the difficulties of addressing different markets. Make sure you utilize these in your marketing strategy.

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1) Videos are one of the most effective means for getting your message across. Videos are such a good marketing tool these days for a number of reasons. Most people like looking at videos so this is not unfamiliar territory for them. Videos also give people the feeling that they can copy what you are showing them to do.

2) Written Instructions help reinforce what you have said in the video. By writing down what you have said in the video, your viewer is able to follow you the second time they watch the video and learn more quickly. Also they can go over the written instructions at their own pace if they cannot keep up with the video.


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3) Walk Through Support is a valuable means of providing further encouragement for people who have decided to purchase your products or subscribe to your program. Not everybody will require intensive support, but sometimes it will only require a little pointer here and there, so to be able to offer this to customers and subscribers provides greater appeal for people to purchase what you are offering. Also the 80/20 rule will no doubt be evidenced in having to provide support, with 80% of your customers only taking up 20% of your allotted time.

4) Time Saving Software will dramatically increase your effectiveness in dealing with your subscribers and it will also enable your subscribers to get where they want to get faster. This is especially the case if you are offering an online program that is designed to increase other customers' business, as well as your own. Software that can make life easier by doing basic tasks will give you a winning edge, because your customers will be able to cruise around your site and then, without hassles to themselves, do whatever you would like them to do. There is nothing worse than small frustrations for killing off your clientele.


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These may seem to be basic components in any marketing strategy today, but they are not always employed. Some websites do not employ them because they are focusing on a particular angle. But how much more do you think having video content for those who want it, with written instructions, and time saving software backed up with walk through support, will do to enhance your credibility in the eyes of your prospects.

You don't want to be mucking around with a strategy that has no hope of working when you can employ the four basic components of a successful campaign. This way you will have a surefire marketing system that would have to give you a greater chance of a better success rate.



I am 54yrs old and married to Anna to whom I have had four children ranging from 22yrs to 12yrs of age. I am into nutrition, playing around on the markets, sharing what I have learnt over the years. I love doing new things. Although, the new things for me are more adventures of the mind, rather than adventures of the foot.
Happy Riches knows how to show you how. Happy Riches also runs an educational membership club which has a focus on people becoming healthy, wealthy and wise. Happy Riches can be found at http://www.happyriches.name

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