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Vol. 2 issue #258 April 24, 2008



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Create The Type Of Back links That Will Bring The Result You Want

by Rebecca Prescott

When developing a backlink strategy, it's going to be less frustrating if you have a clear idea of how the type of links you're going after will impact your site. For example, will they drive traffic, or are you looking at the search engine optimization benefits of those links? Not all links provide both benefits, and of those that do, many will be weighted in one direction more than the other. By understanding your potential links better, you can have a more accurate expectation of the results of a particular campaign. It can also help you decide where your time would best be spent.

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Let's look at those type of links that can drive traffic. I class article marketing here, rather than an SEO type of link, because the sites that tend to reprint the articles don't tend to have the authority that the major article directories have. There may be exceptions to this, but on the whole it is true. And because your articles, when they are reprinted, become a copy of other pages on the internet, they are not going to figure as highly in the search results. However, you can still get a good stream of steady traffic to your site from those articles. This traffic will come from the various article directories, as well as the sites that reprint them. This is a great way to get traffic independent of your ranking in the search engines.

Links from regular directories will provide some value in terms of SEO, but not a whole lot. They are still nice extra links to have, if only because they are quite easy to get. They should not constitute all your links however. A good rule of thumb is to have no more than 20-25% of your links from directories.


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Press releases, when they are distributed through a major press release website with good page rank, can provide traffic if they are optimized for keywords with relatively low competition. They're a good way to get a new site found as well. Like all links, don't overdo it, and make sure you pay to have your link active.

Contacting webmasters to organize article exchanges is an excellent source of links, although it is time consuming. Make sure you offer webmasters well written, exclusive articles. You shouldn't overdo the links - keep it to one or two. Try and get your links in the body of the article rather than at the end if the webmaster will allow it.



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Reciprocal linking can be a good source of traffic, but it is also time consuming. Still, it doesn't hurt to have a directory on your site for when you get contacted by webmasters!

Finally, web 2.0 properties can be a source of both traffic and page rank (and authority). It depends on the particular website, but this is an area worth looking into if you want backlinks and traffic to your site straight away.



I have qualifications in Shiatsu and Computer Programming, and studied herbs, and anatomy and physiology, as an interest. Funnily enough, syndicating my articles, and writing for my sites, fulfilled an early desire to be a journailst! Except that I can write what I want, and in my sarong...
To learn more about creating immediate backlinks that help your site get ranked, check out this page. For more resources on creating links, click here.

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