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Vol. 2 issue #266 August 13, 2008



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Cost Efficient Ways to Market Your Business Online

by Phil Anderson

A business often faces the problem of limited resource, budget and advertising. How can a small business owner make a mark in the world of business? The best way to achieve that is the power of people, the word of mouth and networking.

Building a business the most effective way is to spread it through an establish network. Therefore, if you can advertise with low cost and get great result, you business will prosper. Here are 10 good methods that you can use to market your business.

1. Get your relatives and friends to know about what you are doing. Get them to help you spread the news around introducing to people about the new business that you are venturing in. Even though they may not be your customers, there are still possibilities that people that they know might be your customer. You never know.

2. Get to know clubs or organization that is related to your business. For an example, the chamber of commerce, business association or any society that may be relevant. Target this group of people and offer your service to them and you business will get noticed by them.

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3. Provide your service in charitable events and give donations for a good cause.

4. Run promotional campaigns like referrals from happy customers getting 10% discount and so on.

5. Create some article regarding your product and services and have it posted in websites. When you write your articles and be precise on your content and also provide a simple introduction about yourself.


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6. Participate in forums, chat room and so on in the internet and make friends in the internet. However, you should not push your product because other may find you annoying in the end. If there is genuine interest, people will start asking you what sort of business you run. Then you can feed them the info.

7. Create your signature in emails. It is professional and also able to let people know what you do.

8. Post as many ads as possible in the internet with those free classified ads website to get more exposure.

9. Send out newsletters or press release to inform people about your new service or product. Inform people about events and do not elaborate too much regarding the business but put more focus about hoe this business can help people.



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10. Approach your friends for help. Get them to spread you business and when the time comes, you may be able to return them the favor in double.

When running a business, you may not have the big budget to do a massive marketing campaign to expand your business but by using creative ways and the sources which are already available, you could still make a difference when it comes to building the business. Big market has the big marketing way and small market has the small marketing methods too. So, have no worries about the scale of your business.



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Article by Phil Anderson


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