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Vol. 2 issue #269 September 25, 2008



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Turn Your Customers Into Salespeople

by Katie Marcus

The success of any business depends upon an effective marketing plan. Marketing can occur in many forums utilizing varying tools. Many small businesses do not create a comprehensive and coherent marketing plan. They engage in scattered shotgun approach which ends up with a diluted message and poor consequent sales.

The first thing that needs to be done is to identify a niche market. A niche is a smaller group within a larger group. An example would be in the travel business. Potential niches would include eco travel, cruises or golf travel. Once you have drilled down into this smaller group you are able to custom tailor a message which is meant to resonate with its members.

Ideally you will pick out what is termed an underserved niche. Some niches might have a multiplicity of companies pursuing it. Others might be ignored and left to searching far and wide on their own in order to find the services they desire. This type niche is prime grounds for a small business. The need is there, but the competition isn't.

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Once your niche is selected you are able to craft your message. You want to completely understand the niche's psychology, needs and desires. Basic market research can be done by any small business owner using free online resources and ever expanding social networking web sites. Interaction with and feedback from niche members is crucial to support the crafting of an effective message.

After your message is crafted it is time to get it out. Color printing provides for many economical avenues to make your initial introductions to potential customers within your identified niche. Color printing can yield brochures, pamphlets, booklets or posters. If you have limited variable data and project a long run, then the costs will be much lower than you'd expect.


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Once you establish relationships with customers it is then important to put them to work for you. The best marketing technique is word of mouth. Encourage your customers to spread the word. Odds are niche members associate with each other and have similar buying patterns. This word of mouth advertising is both free and highly effective. Potential customers are far more likely to listen to a close friend as opposed to a random ad.


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Obviously, customers will not be inclined to take this step if they are not completely thrilled with your product or service. In order to leverage word of mouth marketing it is incumbent to provide the highest level of customer service. Without this your customers will not engage in this step for you, let alone even purchase your product again.

A good marketing plan includes many arenas. Color printing provides for direct mailings. The Internet provides for interactive campaigns. Most importantly, your customers provide for a word of mouth marketing platform. Do not leave this most effective component out of your marketing plan.



Katie Marcus writes about color printing technologies being used for marketing and advertising campaigns of businesses.

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