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Vol. 2 issue #270 October 22, 2008



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Goal Setting For Internet Marketing

by Sean R. Mize

Goal destinations are achievements that are important to you. You could use the word ambitions but that has a touch of arrogance to it and may only end up intimidating you. Goals are simple targets, which you know you can certainly achieve with the right amount of effort.

So first start making a list of all that you would like to achieve in your life on all fronts - professional, personal, family. Identify separate goals on each of these fronts. You may want to try for that MBA degree that has eluded you for so long. You may want to take your family for an overseas vacation next year. You may want to learn a foreign language or how to play a musical instrument. You may want to give up smoking.

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Each of these things is a goal. Once you have a list of these goals, make them more specific. Instead of saying 'Improve financial position', refine it to 'Save $10000 by end of next year'. Thus, try and define each goal in just one sentence. Make sure that each one of your goals is a specific end-goal in itself. If you have listed both working out and losing 5 pounds as goals, remove the working out part, as that is just a stepping-stone to losing weight.

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Think about when you would ideally like to achieve each goal. Some may be easily achieved in one year like taking an overseas trip. Completing a degree may take three to five years. Some like quitting smoking may go back and forth for a few years. Be realistic and do not set yourself any rigid deadlines.


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Sean Mize is a full time internet marketer who has written over 9034 articles in print and 14 published e-books.

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