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Vol. 2 issue #272 November 26, 2008



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How to Deliver a Killer Presentation

by Sharon Alexander

In an increasingly competitive world, the best way to express your knowledge or a message to a wider audience is to possess the ability to deliver dynamic and influential presentations.

Nothing is more challenging and gratifying than to be invited to captivate and engage your audience's attention to send your message across to them. Nowadays, this skill is in everyone's armory, right from a business owner, a corporate executive to an aspiring manager. So, charge your self-esteem to deliver a sparkling and energizing presentation.

Although we are all familiar with presentations at the first instance you may feel nervous or scared when you have to deliver a presentation in front of a room packed audience. To make your presentation appealing and convincing here are few tips for you:


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1. Craft your presentation: You have to craft your presentation keeping the following order in mind:

a. WHY - The first thing is to determine why your audience should listen to you and care for your presentation.

b. WHAT: From your end what are you doing to solve their problem?

c. HOW: How will you solve the problem?

d. WHAT IF: If they agree to your ideas, then explain how could their situation improve and make them feel about it. Try to be a storyteller and paint word in pictures. Make your visuals quite user friendly. Your visuals may include charts, posters, or a power point presentation. Make it short and simple. The audience has come to listen to you, not to look at your slides. So try to be very conversant with the subject otherwise you would just ape other people's ideas.


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2. Make an eye contact: Don't speak, looking at one person. A good presenter always makes eye contact with various people present in the room. Otherwise you won't be able to engage your audience which may result in lack of attention from your audience.

3. Think about your audience: It is essential to prepare for a wide range of audience expectations, so keep in mind the various profiles that may be there in your room.

4. Interactive presentation: Talk with your audience. This is an easy way to get some feed back from the people in the room, and serves as a good opportunity for them to ask you questions.

5. Add humor: Even though the motto of your presentation is to educate the people present in the room, you need to make them laugh also. This will keep them alert and they may learn more from you. Moreover, if you are passionate about something show the world that there is no dearth to enthusiasm to put your ideas across.


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6. Be prepared: Be prepared for any scenario, and this includes even the worst. What if the technology fails or a disc goes missing or you may also find at loss of words in front of a hostile audience.

7. Brand yourself: You have to make your presentation unique, so make sure to be different from the others. The audience should be able to remember you for your presentation. When you speak you ought to create an impact on the audience so that it will remain a memorable experience for both, you and the audience.

When you simplify complex designs and ideas in a presentation you are taking a step towards making advanced technology and science easily understandable to a broad spectrum of audience.



Sharon Alexander - Claim That Job
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