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Vol. 2 issue #273 December 10, 2008



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How to Build a Search Engine Friendly Website

by Jeff Schuman

In this article we want to talk about building a search engine friendly website. This is not something that only the experts can do.

You have to focus on understanding a couple of SEO tricks and then build your webpages around keywords that you have researched in advance.

The keys to building a website that is SEO friendly is to understand the key words you are targeting, and then lay out your site and your pages so that they are easy for the search engines, as well as your visitors to get around in.

Here are a few tips on how to do that.

1. When you register your domain name register it for two years or longer. This shows you are serious about your website. Because so many websites register domain names for one year and those sites never even last one year, it will allow you to rank higher much faster.

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2. When we build our website we must keep our visitors in mind equally as we do the search engines. Today that means targeting specific niches and providing useful information that relates to the niche we are in. It is important that we don't clutter our sites with products that have no relation to what our theme is.

3. You need to keep it relative to the theme of your site when you build your keyword list. You're going to be targeting keywords that relate to the niche you've chosen and building a lengthy list from that.

As a matter of fact, you may come up with a list that is several hundred or even several thousand words long. This is actually very easy to do when you begin to target long tail keyword phrases.


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4. Another thing that is important is being consistent with in the overall appearance of your website. If you add a blog to it this is true as well.

All of your pages should be the same color, and should have the same header and footer on them. This gives a feeling of comfort to your visitor, because as they go from one page to the next they always feel as though they are still on your website at all times.

5. Put the emphasis on content once you get your website set up. Search engines love fresh content and the more of it you can provide the better off you will be.

Today many websites and blogs make the mistake of using private label right content. This is okay on an occasional basis.


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However, if you stick to the premise that all of your content is unique, you will rank much higher for your targeted keyword phrases and the search engines will pay more attention to you.

In conclusion these are several things you should keep in mind to build a search engine friendly website. The traffic that they can can send your way is worth learning how to do this properly.



Jeff Schuman helps ordinary people make money online and he can help you. His JV With Jeff training program is free and offers training doing internet marketing the right way. Please click here now for more information: http://www.Team-Schuman.com

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