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Vol. 1 issue #28 Sep 10, 2002


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Traffic Generating  Tips
 2002  by Dan Farrell

You have a web site, you have spent lots of hours planning, designing and  re-designing it. Either all alone (me), or with the help of a professional.

Now you are excited at what its going to mean to you. MONEY! SALES!  FREEDOM!

But wait! The sales aren't happening, the money isn't flowing and you  are spending more and more time trying to figure out why. I know because  been there and done that.
And to add frustration, you are a single mom unemployed or on a very tight budget so you can't hire experts to help you.


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What to do?

This is what I suggest, as well as all the 'guru's' who I draw many of the  strategies I use in marketing online. The Mark Joyner's, Ken Evoy's,  Jim Daniels, Declan Dunn, etal. Those who are making full time income off their Internet e-Business.

The first step is to define who your customer is, their needs, wants, age,  education and type of business. If you are selling anything through a web site these are essential to answer so you can properly design your site and create a  strategy to close the sale. Maybe you don't want to sell on the site, your  product is too expensive and requires a phone call or personal visit. Then that factor has to be programmed into the web site with enough information  to get them interested, but not enough to turn them off.

A good headline followed by a few paragraphs with features and mostly benefits that fills their needs is vital to getting their interest and keeping them there long  enough so they take what action you want them to. Ken Evoy calls it the USP, Unique Selling Proposition. For more information on this and many other topics read his fantastic marketing course and best of all its FREE. http://www.mhg-consulting.com/freecourses.htm

But unless you get a targeted, pre-qualified prospect to your web site, none  of the above matters. How do you drive targeted traffic to your site?

Since we are on a tight budget we need to find inexpensive or free methods  to drive traffic to your site.

The first are the Search Engines. They are essentially free, even though it  costs more and more to get a listing. (Yahoo! charges $299 just to get your  site looked at). But the major ones, Hotbot, Google, AltaVista,  Yahoo!, FAST, don't charge for a you to add your URL. But you can pay $30-$40 for them to crawl your site within 7 days. But the only way you  are going to get any traffic from them is to be listed in the top 30 for any  keyword or keyword phrase. That my friends, is almost impossible. You are competing with thousands, if not millions of competing web sites for that  keyword, so unless you plan to spend most of your time searching for this  elusive grail... find a niche keyword or phrase that has little competition.  I have seen my web pages steadily climb in the search engines using Michael  Campbell's "Nothing But Net". He tells you how he made $750,000 in the first  year selling cell phone accessories, and spent $0 on ads!

Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..

The best ways of creating traffic are:

Ezines.  If you don't have one, start one. If you would like help getting started,  the absolute best source is Ezine Tactics. http://www.roibot.com/w.cgi?R38406_tactics.  This ebook will walk you through the steps of starting an ezine, to making money  with ads, to making sales, then back-end sales and other very informative tactics.

Pay Per Clicks. These are places you pay to have your ad placed in a rank by  how much money you bid for that keyword or phrase. Overture.com is the biggest but they recently raised their rates from a minimum bid of .01 to .05 putting  many (like me) out of the running for the more popular or searched for keywords.  There are over 150 others but most don't generate enough traffic to make it worth your time to place keyword ads.
If you would like a free report on Pay Per Click Search Engines, send any email to, mailtoppcsecrets@makenetmoney.com

Links.  Getting others to place a link to your site can be the best traffic generator,  if the referring site has enough traffic itself. You need to spend time researching other compatible sites with what your selling (but not competing) and to approach each owner/webmaster personally, either emailing or phoning  or both. I am using Zeus as a software tool to create a link directory and it's a tremendous help.  Anyone interested in swapping links, go to.  http://www.mhg-consulting.com/links/themeindex.html

Submission Services. Generally you will get little traffic since they send your  ad to ffa's, classified ad sites, or one of the other search engines (300 and counting and not worth any traffic.  (you should post your URL manually to the top SE's)
For a must read web site, check out Danny Sullivan's,

These are a few tips to generate some targeted traffic to your web site without breaking the bank.

Dan Farrell is the author of "Build An eBusiness On A Shoestring" a unique newsletter with fresh, hard-hitting information ...guaranteed to put money in your pocket. And as a bonus get 3 fabulous ebooks.

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