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Vol. 2 issue #280 March 18, 2009



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Link Building - How to Build Links Steadily and Naturally

by Cheow Yu Yuan

Search engine is the largest traffic source for most websites. If you have created a new website, it is impossible for your website to obtain high search engine rankings. The reason is because you need to apply search engine optimization to your site so that it can rank high on search engines for selected keywords that you have targeted.

I know that it is always exciting for you to optimize your new site to achieve high search engine rankings as fast as possible. By ranking well on organic listings, you can enjoy lots of free and targeted search engine traffic to your site. You may be tempted to build back links aggressively in the hope of achieving good organic rankings quickly. However, this is not the right way to do it.

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Search engine optimization requires you to build back links naturally and steadily. Link building is not a one-time project; it is an on-going process that you need to make it operational if you want to taste success with search engine optimization. And also, you should not build a large number of back links too quickly as this will seem unnatural to search engines and you will not achieve any favourable result by doing so.

So do not go about building hundreds of links in a single day. You may get high rankings initially but soon you will find that these rankings disappear very quickly too. This is because search engines will find out that you are trying to game their systems and will remove any ranking of your site from their organic listings.


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What you should do is to build some links in the first couple of weeks. Write 3 articles and submit them to various article directories. If your articles are well written, they will be picked up by other webmasters and this will help build even more back links to your site. Also, you can submit your site to a few social book marking sites like Digg and Reddit.

Then for the next couple of weeks, you can participate in forum discussions. In forums, you can create a signature file where you can place a link back to your site. Every time when you post in a discussion thread, you will gain a back link if the forum allows search engines to index the posts.


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One thing that you should not do is to buy links from websites. Search engines like Google will not take into account for any link that is purchased. So spending money on links just for the sake of link building is a complete waste of money. Instead, if you want to buy links, you should focus on sites that have the same target audience as you. Buy links from them to drive more targeted traffic to your site.

So the next time you are building links, you should always remember to build links naturally and gradually. Last but not least, link building is an on-going process. You must do it consistently if you want to achieve success in search engine optimization.



Cheow Yu Yuan is the co-founder of OOm, an online marketing agency providing SEO services. Find out more about OOm SEO services now. Please feel free to republish this article on your website, or distribute it to your friends or clients, as long as you leave the resource box intact.

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