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Vol. 2 issue #281 April 1, 2009




“SHOCKING” News for you... 

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      Derek Gehl’s Insiders Marketing Strategies and Secrets

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Starting a Business on the Internet Requires a Different Marketing Technique

by Dustin Heath

Many people have found that when they start a business on the Internet it is completely different than starting a business as a traditional brick and mortar store. An Internet based endeavor requires a different kind of marketing strategy. The Internet is a different type of world. It is a virtual world that is on all the time, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Traditional marketing strategy does not work in the world of the Internet. You need to be aware and plan for different types of marketing when you start a venture on the Internet.

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The Internet is dynamic and interactive. It requires a lot more detail and interaction then a traditional paper and pen brochure.

To start a business you will need a plan. The plan will be the road map for you on how to start a business, how to manage it, and how to market it. You will still need to market your venture even though your business will be entirely on the Internet.


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Traditional marketing is one way to go but you will also need to plan how you will be marketing your endeavor on the Internet. When you start a venture on the Internet you will quickly learn that you are competing with everyone else in the world that offers the same type of service or sells the same product as you.

You will be lost in a sea of other websites and you will need to start marketing your new business quickly so that you can generate traffic to your website and people will start learning about your new company.


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There are many different ways to get people to your website when you start an endeavor on the Internet. You can find out if there are different forums or discussion boards for your product if you are selling a particular type of product that has already generated a following of people. You can go onto the forums and start participating in the discussions and subtly market your website by putting it in as part of your signature.

You can create a blog on your website or other blogging websites to start talking about your new venture and the products you are selling. You can start to create a niche market by showing people your expertise in your area. You will need to find different ways to set your company apart from the others on the Internet when you start something new.



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