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Vol. 2 issue #284 May 13, 2009




“SHOCKING” News for you... 

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Five SEO Tips You Must Utilize on Your Website

by Tim Sorweid

Before even thinking about your link building strategy, a website owner interested in improving their rank within search engines needs to build the foundation from which all future SEO efforts will be based.

This foundation is called 'on site' SEO where you alter various code elements on your page to make your site is more appealing to Google, Yahoo, MSN and more. This is sometimes referred to as 'spider food' or 'robot food', because they are the tidbits on your website that search engines love.


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Lets take a brief look at the top 5 on site SEO that each website owner needs to pay attention to, in order of importance.

1) Using keywords in the title tag of the HTML header. This gives you the largest impact on search engines ranking plain and simple. Keywords within the title tag will be highlighted for a Google search matching those words.

2) Using keywords in text within your website's body. This is the content of your website and if you don't use your keyword throughout, Google won't see your site as relevant as your competition.


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3) Using keywords in H1 tags. Though this is an older technique, search engines still take note of keywords within H1 tags as those are generally used for topic headers and important sections of your website.

4) Using keywords in your domain name. This is pretty self explanatory. If you are selling 'fish bait' in San Diego, an example of a good domain name would be 'www.sandiegofishbait.com'.


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5) Using keywords in webpage url. Lets say you don't own the website listed above in my last example, though you still are selling fish bait in San Diego. A good url could be: www.domainname.com/san-diego-fish-bait.html

Utilizing these 5 SEO techniques will definitely help you rank higher within the major search engines; however there are many more techniques that can and should be employed on your website that will help you rank higher for important keywords. Please check back to read my follow up article, highlighting the next 5.



Tim Sorweid is the Owner/SEO Jedi of Rise and Shine SEO, a San Diego SEO company dedicated to providing top quality San Diego Search Engine Optimization Serivces to small and mid size businesses throughout the country.


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