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Vol. 2 issue #285 May 27, 2009




“SHOCKING” News for you... 

A message from the Internet Marketing Center's Derek Gehl, one of THE smartest Internet marketers, is retiring. Now more than EVER, (think 'recession'), people need some SERIOUS help making money online... and he just up and quits?!

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As a final "farewell," he's actually putting together everything he *knows* about making money on the Internet! That's $100 MILLION worth of experience and strategy secrets.

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      Derek Gehl’s Insiders Marketing Strategies and Secrets

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Niche Marketing Hints and Tips

by Chris Freville

Niche marketing will get easier when you have understood the nature of the niche you are catering to. Most beginners start their venture of niche marketing by doing a simple keyword research. This is done to locate a niche by finding out the search volume on the Internet. This will not inform you on the profitability of the market that you have been researching, and it is just one of many ways to find out your niche. You need to develop a deep understanding of your niche in order to profit from online marketing.

What are the advantages of this process you ask? Well, for people who conduct online business, catering to a specific clientele through niche marketing helps the manufacturer to sell certain products to a certain category of customers. It helps you to save precious time as here you need to convince only those people who need our product and will therefore show genuine interest.

If you as a marketer believe in your products, then you will be able to convince your prospective clientele as well. Focusing on those prospects that actually require your product will narrow down your search for clients, as well as prove more satisfying.


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A small series of products proves to be beneficial in a variety of ways. Firstly, as a marketer you must know every single detail of your product- otherwise it will be a futile effort to try and convince your customers regarding the authenticity of your product. Therefore having select products help. Neither do you have to cater to a general audience, nor do you need to sell a vast line-up of products. You will save time, energy as well as profit considerably in this process.


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As for the consumer-mentality, it seems to prefer the niche marketers as well. The simple reason for this is that they rely on specialists than on generalists. Another advantage of niche marketing is that of name recall. This is because clients remember the name of the company from who they have been able to procure certain selected services. This will directly lead to more referrals which in turn will obviously build both your business and will boost your repute.


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You must remember that understanding niche marketing takes a bit of time to get accustomed to. It also requires a lot of effort. You need to start off with an investment in this niche in order to profit in the long run. What are the advertisement-measures that you need to take? Mass ad campaigns or free e-books will not really succeed in this context. Start exploiting the potential of word of mouth advertising. After sale service is something that is very important and good customer service will ensure that he/she will return to you time and again. Therefore, as you must have realized, it takes a lot of patience to establish a good name in the market and you must strive for it. Once people start putting their trust in you and in turn, your products, your investments in niche marketing will finally start paying off.


Working as an Internet marketer since 2005, Chris Freville has tried various techniques to take advantage of Web 2.0. He now shares his research results in various Web 2.0 websites and Social Networking sites to anyone who would be willing to learn this new approach to Internet marketing. Infiltrate any niche you want with a proven, paint by numbers marketing plan by Chris Freville that quickly allows you to dominate niche markets.

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