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Vol. 1 issue #3 Mar 11, 2002


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The Shocking Truth About Pop-Ups !    
(c) Copyright 2002, by Detlev Reimer


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You will certainly already know a lot about pop-ups if you are
surfing on the web on a regular basis . They are those tiny little
windows that open up if you are just entering a site or if you
want to leave it . Other variations are windows which are load-
ed completely in the background (pop-under) . In most cases,
they contain little ads or subscription boxes .

Pop-Ups Are Annoying and Disturbing To Surfers....

What's the effect ? You are distracted from what you wanted
to do and you have to make a decision if you want to accept
the new offer you are confronted with or not .

Or , if it is a completely different site that has been loaded in
this new window, you have to make the decision if you con-
tinue with this new site or with the site you originally wanted to
visit .

But the really annoying thing is when you want to close one
pop-up and then the next pop-up is already on its' way. This
could be e.g. an entry pop-up in combination with an exit pop-
up. So when you close the entry pop-up, a JavaScript-code
calls the exit pop-up .

This is the most obtrusive way of conveying a sales message.
If you are a serious marketer, this is something that you should
avoid completely or your reputation could become seriously

Pop-Ups - A Pest In Combination with Startpage Programs

In combination with startpage programs they can be a real pest.
Because with these programs you stay about 20-30 sec. at
each site and then you surf to the next one. Now imagine this:

Every second site you are surfing to uses an entry pop-up or
an exit pop-up. If you don't close the new pop-ups immediately,
you have your complete windows taskbar flooded with new

You either have to close them all one by one if you surf with
multiple startpage programs at a time or you'll have to use your
windows taskmanager to shut off your browser .

In each case, you have to react , because if you don't, your
computer could crash or freeze.... ( At least, this is what I've
experienced from my personal surf-sessions .) . The best
solution is to use a program called PopUp Killer 1.43
available e.g. at  http://download.cnet.com/  ,  it is freeware.
But there are other programs for this as well

Pop-Ups = A marketer's dream ?

We have to ask ourselves why these pop-ups are used by so
many reputable marketers. There's just one reason for this:
They work ! Even though they are hated by most people, they
do their job very well ....

You have to look at it from a marketer's point of view. Even if
he has just a response rate of 6% , he has made 6% more
money, more subscribers or whatever.

And it doesn't cost a single penny ! That's 6% more sales,
more advertising revenue etc. So would you give that up if
you were standing in his shoes ? As a  websurfer I don't like
pop-ups very much myself, but because of the results I get,
I use them at my own sites as well....


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