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Vol. 2 issue #302 January 27, 2010


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Internet Business Marketing - How to Do Keyword Research

by Martin Sejas

When it comes to picking keywords to target for your Internet Business Marketing campaign, do not make the make the mistake of building your campaign around the most known and expected keywords used that is related to your website.

These keywords, although they be popular, may be too competitive for you to target straight away. That should only be done when you've already ranked well for a good number of less competitive related keywords. By competitive keywords I mean, keywords that have too much web pages targeting them and having some of these web pages that are difficult to outrank. You should go for keywords that have decent search volumes while not having too many competing pages so you would climb the rankings up quickly.

How to go about getting the information for search volumes for keywords?


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This is where keyword research comes in. This is a process in Internet Business Marketing that can not be ignored. And before going any further, keywords are the term or terms that are being searched for in search engines by surfers. For example, I am thinking of looking for the meaning of the word "emaciate", I go on Google and type "definition of emaciate" in its search bar and then hit the search button. The results page is then loaded and I am returned with web pages that rank high for the keyword phrase "definition of emaciate". I just wanted to clear that up before we went any further. Now, for keyword research, you have to make use of a keyword tool that would provide you with accurate data of keywords for analysis. The most commonly used keyword tool is Google AdWords.



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Google, being currently dominant among all the other search engines in terms of market share of users, would be a logical choice to go for when in search of a reliable keyword tool. Seventy percent of internet users are surfing with Google, which would mean you only need focus on Google when SEOing and if you rank well there then you'd rank well with the other search engines. With regards to Google AdWords, it is a simple tool that won't take time at all to learn. All you do is input the keyword for the market you had in mind and Google AdWords will return all related keywords with their respective data like local monthly search volumes and global monthly search volumes. Now you are able to have access to information on the search volumes for your keywords for your intended market and are now a step further into learning more about Internet Business Marketing.


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I have identified some keywords that have high search volumes. What to do next?

Just as it was mentioned above, you need to know the number of competing pages for the keywords. How to do that? Go on Google and do searches for each of the keywords that are related to your market and that you have search volumes data on. Write down the number of web page results for the keyword or keywords. That would be number of competing web pages for that keyword. Repeat this step for each keyword until you are done with all that have traffic worth targeting. Once you have all the data for competing pages and search results for the keywords that are related to your website, pick the ones that have decent traffic but low competing pages. The higher the traffic and the lower the competing pages the more ideal a keyword it is.

This is all for now and I hope this article has been helpful learn more about Internet Business Marketing or internet marketing for short.




Martin Sejas provides an Internet marketing consulting service for people who want to establish an online presence for their business or dramatically improve their current online presence today. You can register for a free 20 minute consultation today.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Martin_Sejas


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