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Vol. 2 issue #305 March 10, 2010


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How to Profit From Attraction Marketing - Creating Value and Trust

by Liam McCauley

When learning how to profit from attraction marketing, you need to have a goal, and begin to brand yourself with an eye toward those goals. The idea is that like attracts like. Creating a Facebook profile, a Twitter account, or by utilizing any of the social networking platforms available, you will attract customers who have the same philosophy and personal outlook that you do. They feel more at ease with someone with whom they share this kind of connection. This will help you, and your prospects increase the list of contacts and share business opportunities that can benefit them.


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There are many tools available that can teach you how to profit from attraction marketing. One of the most important is what you bring to the table yourself. You have information that is valuable. You share this information with others, provide guidance when needed and point them in the direction of systems and techniques that will help them grow and bring the same value to others. To begin generating leads, create a web page that builds excitement and offers this information to others, requiring only an exchange of information. This usually includes contact information such as email address, phone number, etc.


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Utilizing the funded proposal technique, you offer your prospects a low cost information based product. This often includes a training video, eBook or other type of course designed to add value to the knowledge they already have. This will help you begin to bring positive cash flow, while building your contact list. Once you have proven the information you are selling is valuable and effective, most people will be interested in hearing more. This is where you begin to see how to profit from attraction marketing. The next tier of products being offered is usually higher priced and is sold on a commission basis.


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Social networking sites as well as search engine optimization are both methods that function well when deciding how to profit from attraction marketing. In each case your web site or profile page is found when prospects are looking for the type of product or services you offer. Providing a consistent message and ongoing promotions will help spread the word and deliver a constant flow of traffic to your site. Keeping content fresh will encourage prospects to come back often, which makes them more likely to become members of your network or purchase products. You have become a resource they know and trust.



Liam McCauley is a business coach and mentor located in Charlotte, NC, who specializes in providing serious entrepreneurs the skills in marketing their home based business to build a profitable online business with multiple income streams. To contact Liam, please call (803) 412-1449 or visit http://meetliammccauley.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Liam_McCauley


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