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Vol. 2 issue #306 March 24, 2010


The Key to Your Wellness Lies in the Energy within and around you... 

It's all energy... 

Quantum Physics reveals that everything in the Universe consists of energy. The energy fields of humans, plants, animals, the earth and the Universe provide the interface that connects us all. 

What if you could literally help someone allow their body to heal itself of chronic pain in only minutes … without touching them, without ingesting any products?  How many people can you think of that you would like to help right now? 

The new Zero Point Energy AM Wand is a futuristic tool that is made up of special combination of granulated materials processed using propriety technology: AMIZED(R) Fusion Technology to source the Universal Life Force energy that our body needs. 

We invite you to join us on this futuristic journey to self care and well being. 

We are currently building our TEAM with the new Zero Point Energy Wand and other products that are helping so many people get rid of pain and other ailments (often in minutes).  It is totally fascinating! 

Request all the details with both live and recorded calls to learn more... 


With more than 500,000 members in the East, this Zero Point Energy technology is now being introduced in the West… and YOU have an opportunity to experience and share it with the world. 

CALL US – Dennis and Linda Miller in North Carolina – at 828-652-4714. 

We look forward to connecting with YOU!


Where Can You Search For the Right Keyword?

by Ljiljana Anicic

Many Internet Marketers are having a big problem with keyword research. They struggle with keyword ideas as well as with how to find a right keyword. Here are several tips on how to find that great idea for a profitable keyword.

Before you even start with your keyword research, first you should decide what kind of web site you want to build for that particular keyword. Are you going to sell products and services on your web site or just build informative site around that keyword. I would recommend that you build informative site, because they are easier to rank, and it is quite easy to write unique and high quality article about any keyword. In that way you can look in almost any field for your keyword. Of course, that doesn't mean that if you have great product or service that you should go this way.



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Easiest way to find great keyword ideas is to visit places on the internet where people are buying and selling things. In that way you can find what is popular at the moment and how can you profit from it.

One of the most popular online markets where you can find what is popular at the moment is The SitePoint Marketplace. You can visit this site and find some great ideas for your keyword.

You have many other places like Amazon or E-Bay where you can find many keyword ideas just by browsing through their categories. Each category and product is potential keyword.



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You don't have to look for your keyword ideas only online. You can find them literally anywhere. A great place to look for an idea is to look at billboards while you are driving. Billboards are the great places to find out which products are hot. Because many of these advertised products are high profitable and many advertising experts from advertising agencies were working on these campaigns, why not to "borrow" their work and turn it online as your high profitable keyword.

So now, you have your list of possible keywords. But what now? Well, there is a catch. Now, you should narrow your search for keywords or keyword phrases from your list that are possible goldmines. And you can do that by using Google AdWords Keyword Tool.



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When you type in your keyword in a search box and hit enter, this tool will give you many different variations of your keyword. In addition, this tool shows you how many people were searching for particular keyword on monthly basis, and how much this keyword is worth.

I hope that these tips will help you with your keyword research.




The Author Ljiljana Anicic has been writing articles for nearly a year now. You can check out her latest website on Home Surveillance Systems and food saver vacuum sealer.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ljiljana_Anicic


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