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Vol. 2 issue #309 May 5, 2010


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The False Claims That Harm Internet Marketing 

by Marte Cliff

Today I got several emails all promoting the same bogus plan. It was all about how you can hire someone for $2 an hour to write your articles and your web content. One of the messages said you can "clone yourself."

Sure you can, if you want your articles and your website to read like gibberish. Of course, they were selling a program to let you do this. I should have read far enough to see the price, but instead I kept deleting the messages. When the last one arrived, I said "I've had enough of hearing from this marketer," and took the time to ask to be removed from his list. Hopefully they did remove me.

The funny part was that I wrote a note and forwarded one of the messages to a fellow copywriter... and her filters were smart enough to bounce it back to me. Programs like that are responsible for so much of the bad content on line... and isn't it irritating when you're trying to find good information and the Google searches keep bringing you that trash?



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How do they get the rankings? Two ways:

The first, by using unsavory methods. They have to be sneaky because Google doesn't like it, but many of them are buying links. Because I have several websites, I sometimes get 2 or 3 requests in a day asking me to trade links or sell links on my site. No thanks - if there's a good site that I believe in, I'll add the link without being asked.

The second is by filling their sites with pages and pages of content - even though it is useless. Apparently the crawlers don't know if the content makes any sense or if the grammar makes it readable. They just see words and keywords in a reasonable proportion and assign a high rank.



Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..


What those "marketers" don't seem to realize that even if you get millions of people to your site, if your content is trash they aren't going to stay and they aren't going to buy. You can make your site rank higher by adding lots of content, but take the time or spend the money to make sure the content is worth reading.

And then there's the "get rich quick with no effort" promises. We have way too many people shouting at new marketers, telling them that they can earn hundreds of dollars per day with no product, no list, and no work. All you have to do to get rich is send them some of your hard-earned money.


Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..


I'll admit that you have to be slightly crazy to fall for that, but you know that if people weren't buying those programs they wouldn't keep sending their messages to millions of people every day. What saddens me is when I see well-known names beginning to promote these false hopes.

No matter how much you might wish it wasn't so, the only way to succeed on line is to write good content and offer honest products or services. There is no such thing as making money without effort on line - just as there is no such thing as making money without effort off line. If you want lasting success, you have to work for it.



Marte Cliff is a freelance copywriter who specializes in writing web copy that pleases not only the search engines, but human visitors as well. Getting visitors to a site is of no use if they leave instantly. Thus, she uses a 5-point plan to create effective web copy. You can read about it at http://www.marte-cliff.com/Webcopy.html. Marte is available for everything from re-energizing one existing web page to creation of copy for an entire site - and writing the e-mail campaign to go with it. Please visit her at http://www.marte-cliff.com - and while you're there, opt in to receive one or more of her marketing ezines.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Marte_Cliff


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