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Vol. 2 issue #314 July 14, 2010


Free Money From Web Tester

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Marketing and Advertising - Tips to Improve the Marketing and Promotion of Virtually Any Business  

by Bob Holdsworth

The vast majority of business owners are not great marketers. I've been able to identify more than 80 different ways to advertise and promote just about ANY business and the sad but true fact is that the average business owner effectively uses less than 12 of them! Most tolerate moderate success using the same old, tried and true methods and never really grow their company's potential.

To me, marketing is the arguably the single most important aspect of building a successful, sustainable and profitable business. Certainly a great product or service, excellent customer service, well trained employees are also critical to overall success but without marketing and promotion, the best made widget will never make it to market.

Methods to market and promote your business abound, and the arena is both specialized and rapidly changing. For the small business owner, staying up on new and improved ways to get your message out should be part of your weekly activity list. Every small business owner should strive to be a better marketer.



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Four points to keep in mind as you plan your marketing campaigns going forward
  • All campaigns have to be client/prospect centered...think like them
  • Craft a message that speaks directly to your targeted prospects
  • Select the media types that will reach them
  • Make sure that your customer service is ready

All campaigns have to be client/prospect centered...think like them

Put yourself in your prospects position. How do they think? What do they need? Speak in terms of the BENEFITS of your product or service, use FEATURES as necessary but sparingly. Once a prospect understands the benefits to them, they'll ask about the features.


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Craft a message that speaks directly to your targeted prospects

First things first, you have targeted your prospects haven't you? Identify specifically who are you trying to reach with your campaign. Branding campaigns try to reach the masses, think Coke (R), trying to reach thirsty people. You and I can't afford branding campaigns, that means we need to pre-plan on the front end and specifically target and segment our prospects for maximum campaign effectiveness.

Then craft your message in such a way that your intended prospect looks at your ads and says to themselves "They're talking to ME!" Then give them the information they need to take the specific action you want them to take.

Select the media types that will reach them

In today's advertising saturated environment, the average consumer is subjected to more than 3,000 messages a day. If trying to cut through that wasn't enough, your message needs to be seen or heard at last seven times before it begins to make an impression on your prospect. To compete in this environment you need to use multiple targeted media. By targeting your prospects carefully, and crafting your message to them specifically, you'll be able to identify the most logical media choices to get your message in front of them.


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Make sure that your customer service is ready

This is the most commonly forgotten aspect of marketing. All of your advertising dollars will be wasted if your sale representatives, tele-marketers, operators, receptionists and service staff are not trained and ready to do their part in making the prospect's encounter with your firm positively memorable. Marketing is not a department, it's an attitude and a comprehensive series of actions that must exist throughout your business.

If your business is stuck, market share is shrinking and competition seems to be getting stronger, you need to fight back with targeted ads to break out of the clutter and make your business shine. If you're competition is slowing down, cutting back on advertising or struggling in any way, that the BEST time to pounce with new, innovative and creative advertising campaigns.

Make every marketing and promotional dollar count. Targeted prospects, specifically crafted copy with a compelling offer and an outstanding customer service team waiting for them when they arrive equals a winning recipe for profitable business success.



Bob Holdsworth is the founder of The Holdsworth Group. He is a successful entrepreneur, a marketing and business growth coach who specializes in getting his clients and their businesses UN-stuck. If you want to learn how to "Do business on your own terms!, you want to talk to Bob.

He is also the author of several nationally published articles, a sought after speaker, a veteran paramedic, a very happily married husband, the dad of two awesome twin boys, a dangerous golfer, avid reader and is severely allergic to neckties. 

For more information on this topic go to http://www.BobHoldsworth.com/80ways and claim his special FREE report: 80 Ways to Produce Profits in ANY Business. Don't miss this outstanding information that's be specifically designed to help you create more profits in your business almost immediately.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Bob_Holdsworth


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