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Vol. 3 issue #334 May 18, 2011



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5 Proven Offline Marketing Methods For Online Businesses

By Kevin Sinclair


Many online business owners are using the Internet as their dominant marketing medium for their business. However, they rarely consider using the old-fashioned but ever reliable methods of offline marketing. However, offline marketing is just as crucial today as it was before the Internet. Combining offline marketing techniques with your online marketing activities can ensure that you are maximising your market reach and profitability. I will now outline some essential offline marketing methods for you to use in your business.

1. Before the introduction of email, direct mail was the most effective method for marketing products and services. The common forms used were brochures, flyers, letters and postcards. These can still be used today and you can create your own on your computer and print them yourself to save costs. Mailing postcards is less expensive than posting letters and fliers. This is a great method to ensure your money is well spent.

The business to business market is still a great opportunity for direct mail. Many still want paper based materials to satisfy their governance requirements and haven't moved completely to the paperless office. Don't overlook them in your direct mail list when you send out your marketing documents.


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2. While webinars are all the rage at the moment, conducting live in person seminars, workshops or symposiums is still a very effective alternative. People still live to put faces and voices to names this visibility can help showcase your expertise and grow your credibility in the marketplace. Through building your name in the market you're targeting, your expertise will spread by word of mouth, and your product or service will be better known.

3. Don't forget to still advertise in magazines, newsletters and newspapers. This can cost you money, so exercise care, test before committing large amounts of money. The key is to find publications that target your customers. You will need to research their readership profile. Remember that with the growth of the Internet, readership is dwindling of magazines and newspapers, so ensure that your research is based on current data.



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4. Showcasing your products and services at charity events can create great opportunities for your business. You can be a sponsor and your brand's logo will be shown on all their promotion materials. Ensure your URL is displayed on their marketing materials also. Doing this will increase the exposure of your products and services considerably.


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5. Finally, look for ways you can present yourself for publicity for your business. While you may not want to be like Richard Branson, there still can be low-key ways that you can be the face of your business and get publicity. It could be as simple putting your URL on a shirt you designed, or even a car sticker. Being your own advertisement means you are promoting your business on a more personal level.

Ready to get started? Download a copy of Quick Tips for Marketing Your Business Offline today, and by tomorrow, you'll have a much better understanding of how your online business can thrive offline.

Thanks for reading,
Kevin Sinclair



Kevin Sinclair is the owner of Personal and Business Success Resources, Be Successful News, Net-MLM-Profits.com, MusicianHome.com, and my-personal-growth.com - all web sites focused on providing you with relevant information to help you succeed in your business, or life

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